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In the F.A.Q. section you will find answers to the most common questions. Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

How many events can I add?

Limitless. And all for FREE !

I have added an event but I don’t see it online. Why?

Your entry will be aproved by Normally it takes 24 hours until your event is online.

What if I don’t have all the information now?

Come back at a later time and edit your evet. Check the “Editing a medical event” FAQ section.

How much information should I add?

The more the better. There are some minimum requirement that you will see marked with asterist (*). But we have surveyed it and it seems that medical professionals like to get all the information in one single page. The more details you provide for your event the better chances you will find doctors who are interested for your event. Always remember that your event will be hosted for many months until it’s over. If you forget to come back to edit the information you are missing at this step, your readers will never get it! So do your best NOW!

Who can add a medical event?

Everyone. It is as simple as that. Simply register and start adding your favorite events today!

Will you have to aprove the event after I edit it?

Yes we will have to aprove any new information you register.

How many times can I edit my event

As many times as you like. If you are missing information at the initial registration of your event, simply come back and edit it as soon as you have your information. Editing is totally free!

What are the advantages of event promotion?

Promoted events through our various promotion plans, receive 3-5 times more traffic.



Who can promote an event?

Only professional congress organisers can promote medical events. Please register as a PCO.

How can i promote my event?

There are four modules for promoting an event.


1. By making your event a “Featured Event”. Click here for more info


2. By using our mail promotion system.


3.By enabling social network promotion


4. By advertising your poster in the form of “Banner”



What is the asterist (*) above the map?

By clicking this asterist you can see only the featured events.

I know there will be an event but I don’t find it. What’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong. It is simply not yet registered in our database. What you could do is either write a letter to the Organiser to register it to AllCongress or add it yourself.

What does popular events mean?

Popular events are the events with the highest number of visits in our website.

Can I search for more than one specialty?

Yes. Click “Search by Specialty” and choose among 50 Specialties whatever interests you.

How can I filter my search results?

Click the open advance search and choose between the followng:

- Type of event

- Location of event

- Date of event