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It’s good to have someone watch your back! There must be something we have missed or registered wrong. Have you spot it? Please do take this chance and TELL us! We won’t take it personally. The more you tell us the more we can improve, the better service you get.

So feel free and sent your comments and your feedback.



I’m about to unsubscribe as the congresses you list are all in the next free weeks. As a hospital physician on a roster i need to plan my leave at least 6 months out. Conferences are posted at least one year out and this is the time of like to hear about them.

Dear Sir,

As we speak the database is enriched with conferences of July and August and by the beginning of February we will be listing events from Autumn 2018.
Keep in mind that most of the events are posted by the organisers and we try our best to teach them how “posting way earlier” is beneficial both for doctors and for them.
Our founders are all medical doctors and they know this issue you describe very well.
We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will make sure to solve this issue ASAP.
Very soon, all our events will be available for you to register ONLINE directly from allcongress WITHOUT the need to go back and forth to other websites.
Kind Regards
The AllCongress Team

go on sending informations on medical events,specially obst-gyn ,ultrasound ,
Thank you


We will do that! Thank you!

Thank you . It is good to know the news .

You are welcome! We are updating our database daily.

go on informing us ,your site is almost outstanding!!!!

Thank you! We are preparing a new re-designed interface with even more features for medical doctors!

go on sending informations of all events connected with gyneco-obstetric,ultrasonography.thank you

You can choose the specialty (in this case ob/gyn) and the results will appear on the map! I found one (ob/gyn ultrasound) in Montreal Canada. Check it out, there are more!!

Good Impressions!!!

Great site, keep up the good work…

Thank you ! We try our best.

I am intersted in chlamydia trachomatis infection, pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestina diseases. nephrology.

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Congrats for your site. Could you please make the map expand? It would be much better if we could see more of it.



Thank you for your suggestion. We have recently implemented this functionality and hope that it's to your satisfaction.

Please fix the unzoom button on the map. It is not working on Safari.



Hi, please fix the map coordinates at the Hilton Hotel in Athens for the 7TH WORLD CONFERENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL PRIMARY CARE RESPIRATORY GROUP (IPCRG)




Dear Madame/Sir, We have successfully modified the date and location of your meeting!

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