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11th International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Hofburg Imperial Palace | Vienna, AUSTRIA
From 50 to 610 EUR
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Title: 11th International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Dates: From Sep, 3, 2015 to Sep, 6, 2015
Location: Vienna, AUSTRIA
Type: Congress
Registration Cost: From 50 to 610 EUR
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General Info
Event Venue:

Hofburg Imperial Palace

Vienna, AUSTRIA Visit the Venue to read more
Concerned Audience:
  • Medical_Professionals
  • Medical_students
  • Nurses
Event Overview
Welcome message:

Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce Vienna as the next venue for 11th International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in September 2015.

Lupus affects people all over the world. Its heterogenous and often life-threatening course requires the cooperation of experts in various fields of modern medicine: rheumatologists, nephrologists, dermatologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, health professionals, and others. Thus, an international approach and effort for a better understanding of this complex auto-immune disease is needed and Lupus2015 provides the opportunity to advance our knowledge in the many different aspects of this disease. State of the art lectures, symposia, workshops and abstract and poster sessions will provide the means to cover basic and clinical research as well as patient education. 

librarySituated in the heart of Europe, Vienna has been a hot spot for many centuries. Roman Vindobona was the major military stronghold in Pannonia and the camp of “philosopher-emperor” Marcus Aurelius (who died here in the year 180). In medieval times, Vienna served as residency of the Babenberg dukes of Austria and later became the capital of the Habsburgs who ruled Austria for more than 600 years (1278-1918). They have also been -most of the time- the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and the unique imperial crown dating from 960 is (amongst other treasures) on display in the treasury of the Hofburg, the former Emperor’s residence (and our congress venue 2015).

Many impressive Viennese buildings date from the 19th century when the Ringstrasse, a splendid boulevard, was built on the former site of Vienna’s fortifications and, since then, is lined with famous museums, the opera house and various public buildings. Vienna is well-known for its art, music, architecture and literature.

Over the last decades Vienna has gained much reputation as a host city for international congresses and organisations. Today Vienna hosts the OSCE (security and co-operation in Europe), IAEA (international atomic energy agency), OPEC (petrol exporting countries, unfortunately Austria is only the host, not a member) and is one of the world’s three UNO cities.

Vienna is Austria’s center for medical care (17 hospitals with more than 30.000 employees) and attracts doctors and patients from all over of the world. The Medical University stands in the long academic tradition of the University of Vienna (founded in 1365) and has a continuous tradition in patient care since 1792.

hebraThe Viennese Dermatologist Ferdinand von Hebra was one of the first who systematically characterized cutaneous lupus erythematosus and described the “Butterfly”-shape. His successor and son-in-law, Moriz Kaposi, was the first to describe the systemic nature of SLE (1869 and 1872) and clearly separated systemic LE from merely cutaneous lupus. kaposi(He also described Kaposi’s sarcoma, then a rarity, today known as a HIV-associated disease.) Later, Nobel laureate Karl Landsteiner found one of the most important antibody-mediated systems in our body: the ABO system of blood groups and the Rhesus factor. In the attempt to characterize the immune responses in infectious diseases, Theodor Escherich described Escherichia [E.] coli (1919); later (5 times Nobel nominee), Clemens von Pirquet described hypersensitivity reactions, published on the “abnormal” immune response and coined the term “allergy”. Not only world-famous surgeons, ophthalmologists, laryngologists, pathologists, internists, dermatologists have emerged from the Viennese school of medicine, but also psychiatrists like Sigmund Freud and Julius Wagner-Jauregg – and it may not be a surprise that it was the University Hospital in Vienna where they made their observations.

In 2015, the International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus will be held in the former Emperor’s residence (Hofburg) in the heart of Vienna. This splendid congress venue offers the splendor of historical halls and appartements along with modern technological equipment and ample space for poster and industrial presentation.

Today’s Vienna is a modern City with historical charm. It offers everything in terms of sightseeing, leisure, shopping, dining, drinking and – last but not least – hospitality. There are parks and recreation areas throughout the city and along the Danube river and it is the world’s only capital where wine is grown within city limits. Thus, when a long day of lectures and scientific interactions is over, the city invites you to enjoy its charm and spirit.

We cordially invite you to Vienna !

Georg Stummvoll

Secretary         Josef Smolen


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Operngasse 20B 

1040 Vienna 


Tel.: +43 1 58804 0 

Fax: +43 1 58804 185 


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Sponsors Exhibitors
General Info

To apply as sponsor/exhibitor or if you need any further information, please contact:

LUPUS 2015 Conference Secretariat

Vienna Medical Academy 

Alser Strasse 4 

1090 Vienna, Austria 

T: +43 1 4051383-18 

F: +43 1 4078274 


LUPUS 2015 Exhibition only

Medizinische Ausstellungs- und Werbegesellschaft

MAW – International Exhibitions & Advertising

Freyung 6/3

1010 Vienna, Austria

T: +43 1 536 63 -33

F: +43 1 535 60 16


Organising Agency

LUPUS 2015 Conference Secretariat

Vienna Medical Academy 

Alser Strasse 4 

1090 Vienna, Austria 

T: +43 1 4051383-10 

F: +43 1 4078274 


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