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16th annual International Cord Blood Symposium (ICBS 2018)

Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa * | San diego, USA
From 950 to 1150 USD
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Title: 16th annual International Cord Blood Symposium (ICBS 2018)
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Dates: From Jun, 14, 2018 to Jun, 16, 2018
Location: San diego, USA
Type: Congress
Registration Cost: From 950 to 1150 USD
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Weather Info (monthly averages) Max Temperature: C / F Min Temperature: C / F The above data in our Weather Info table are temperature predictions for the date of the medical event for San Diego, Usa.
General Info
Event Venue:

Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa *

San Diego, USA Visit the Venue to read more
Concerned Audience:
  • Medical_Professionals
  • Medical_students
  • Nurses
Event Overview
Welcome message:

The 16th annual International Cord Blood Symposium (ICBS 2018) will be held in San Diego, CA, United States on June 14-16, 2018.

The 16th annual International Cord Blood Symposium (ICBS 2018) covers topics such as:

The impact of donor and recipient factors on outcomes of cord blood transplants

The latest advances in cord blood transplantation and the challenges facing the cord blood banking industry including strategies to improve collection and quality and creating new business models

The current market for commercialized cellular therapies and the latest novel therapies in development for the treatment of non-hematologic diseases

The risks and benefits of different approaches for stem cell transplant recipients

The 16th annual International Cord Blood Symposium (ICBS 2018) brings together attendees involved or interested in umbilical cord blood related fields of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, banking, and potential in regenerative medicine.

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The Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa

1775 East Mission Bay Drive

San Diego, CA 92109


1 King: $239.00

1 King Garden View Villa: $249.00

1 King Bayview: $259.00

1 King Garden View Studio: $269

The AABB discounted room rate will be available until May 18, 2018 or until the room block is sold-out. Make sure to reserve your hotel room when registering for the Symposium to ensure the lowest possible rate. Rooms can be booked online or by contacting the hotel directly and using group code: AABB18.

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The Hilton San Diego Resort
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Scientific Content Up to Date
Submission Info

The presenting authors of the top three abstracts will have the opportunity to give an oral presentation, display their abstract as a poster, receive a complimentary Symposium registration, and be awarded $250.

All accepted abstracts will be published in the July issues of TRANSFUSION journal as well as in the onsite program. Authors will be notified of acceptance in mid-April 2018.

Abstract submission deadline 2018-01-30
Editorial Guidelines for Abstract Submission

All abstracts should be as informative as possible while adhering to the guidelines below. Abstracts

that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be reviewed. The deadline for abstract submission is

March 29, 2018. Submitting authors will receive notification via email regarding the status of their

abstract on or before April 16, 2018.

Responsibilities of the Submitting Author

The submitting author agrees that the abstract meets the following criteria:

• The author(s) has not published the data in a scientific journal, nor will the data be published

prior to the 16th International Cord Blood Symposium (June 2018).

• The accuracy of the submitted abstract is the responsibility of the author(s). Author(s) should

prepare and proofread their abstracts carefully prior to submission. Errors made on submitted

abstracts may appear in print.

• Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present at the 16th

International Cord Blood Symposium if accepted. Expenses associated with the submission and

presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the author(s)/presenter. The presenter is

required to attend the symposium on the day of presentation and must submit the applicable

registration fee.

• The content of the presentation and reference materials will remain the responsibility of the

author(s). A commercial supporter may help prepare the presentation, but abstracts must not

be biased in a way that may advance the proprietary interest of the sponsor.

How to Submit an Abstract

1. Submission

Abstracts may be submitted only through the ICBS abstract submission website; faxes and mailed

submissions will not be accepted. Authors can revisit and make edits to their abstract at any time

(even after the abstract has been submitted) prior to the submission deadline of March 29, 2018.

The submitting author will receive an email with instructions to access the abstract immediately

following submission.

Questions or requests regarding assistance with the submission site should be directed to

+1.401.334.0220 between the hours of 8:30 am and 6:00 pm Monday - Friday, US EST (GMT -


2. Format

Abstracts must include the following sections:

• Background/Case Studies – Objectives/goals or why the study was performed.

• Study Design/Methods – Key methods utilized in the study.

• Results/Findings – Summary of the results observed (black and white tables and graphs can be

used). IMPORTANT: For an abstract to be accepted, quantitative data must be included.

Although data should be summarized, it is critical that abstracts include specific reference to 

ICBS Abstract Preparation and Submission Guidelines 2

data and statistical significance of findings. Statements such as "the results will be discussed" or

"the data will be presented" will be considered inadequate.

• Conclusion – A statement of the authors’ conclusion based on the stated results.

3. Uploading the Abstract

Submitting authors will have the option of cutting and pasting the body of the abstract into the

submission site or uploading a file. When including a table or figure, submitting authors should save

the files as HTML, then upload it to the submission site to ensure proper placement. To save as

HTML, use the "File > Save As" command in the word processing software. Among the list of

possible file types should be “HTML,” “HTM” or "Web Page." Any of these are appropriate. If the

choice of "Web Page" or "Web Page, Filtered" are offered, please choose the latter.

If the abstract contains one or more images, the word processing software will likely save one

HTM/HTML file containing the text of the abstract and will save the image as a separate GIF or JPG

file. After the abstract has been uploaded as an HTM/HTML file, the abstract submission system

will automatically prompt the submitter to upload the image(s). The image file will either be in the

same folder as the HTML (text) file, in a similarly named sub-folder, or in the location from which

the user inserted or linked them into the word processing file. Full instructions for upload are also

included in the abstract submission site.

4. Authors

The contact information and affiliation(s) for each author is required. AABB requests that no more

than 10 authors are submitted with each abstract.

5. Continuing Medical Education Requirements

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit is offered for those attending the oral abstract

presentations at the symposuim. Therefore the following requirements apply to abstract


• If the abstract involves commercial products, it must be objective and rely on scientific


• Presentations must be free of commercial bias for or against any product.

• Generic names for medical treatments and devices should be used whenever possible. If trade

names are included, they should not be that of a single company. (The intent is to avoid

abstracts submitted solely for commercial or promotional purposes.)

• Reports of scientific research must conform to generally accepted standards of experimental

design, data collection and analysis.

6. Identifying Information

Do not include any of the following identifying information in the abstract body or title:

• Name(s) of author(s)

• Names(s) of institution(s)

• Geographic locations of institutions or study site(s) (unless a significant element of the study)

Some acceptable and unacceptable examples of geographic location are shown below:

ICBS Abstract Preparation and Submission Guidelines 3

 Unacceptable: “blood components were obtained from the Pasadena County Blood Center”

 Acceptable: “blood components were obtained from a regional blood donor center”

 Unacceptable: “blood bank of a large, tertiary care medical center in the US Northeast”

 Acceptable: “hospital-based blood bank”

 Acceptable: “transfusion-transmitted avian influenza in southern Afghanistan”

 Acceptable: “alloimmunization rates in the Yanomami of southern Venezuela”

• Use of the first person in descriptions of the authors’ previous work

 Unacceptable: We previously demonstrated that…”

 Acceptable: “It has been shown…” or “Investigators previously demonstrated that…”

Additional Submission Instructions

Authors submitting abstracts for presentation at the 16th International Cord Blood Symposium must

follow the additional instructions below. Submitting authors should carefully proof abstracts prior to


• Every effort will be made to publish the abstract exactly as submitted. Although abstracts will

be typeset for print and electronic distribution, they will not be edited or corrected by the

AABB staff except as needed to conform to publication style.

• The combined length of the abstract body, title, and table must not exceed 2,900 characters,

including spaces. A character includes all letters, numbers and punctuation. The online

submission site will not accept abstracts that exceed this character limit.

• Titles should be indicative of the content of the abstract. The title should be brief and must be

entered in title case (first letter of every word capitalized).

• Authors should include statistics when doing so allows for a clearer interpretation of the data.

• Authors may include one figure or table as long as it is black and white and does not require

retouching. The resolution must be appropriate for publication.

• All units of measure should be expressed in the metric system; temperatures should be

expressed in Celsius.

• Generic names of drugs must be given, typed in lower case. If the proprietary name is also

given, the first letter must be capitalized.

• Unless an abbreviation is widely known and accepted (e.g., CDC, HIV), the term or phrase must

be written in full the first time it appears in the abstract, followed by the abbreviation in

parentheses. Abbreviations should not be used in abstract titles.

• If possible, sentences in the abstract should not begin with Arabic numbers.

• The presenting author must indicate any commercial involvement, support or conflicts of

interest of themselves or their spouse when completing the disclosure section of the


• Submitting authors are strongly encouraged to print the summary page of their abstract

submission for their records before submitting.

ICBS Abstract Preparation and Submission Guidelines 4

Rejection Criteria

Abstracts may be rejected for any one of the following reasons:

• Insufficient data presented

• Statistical analysis needed, but not performed

• Stated conclusion not evident from data presented

• Information previously published or generally well known and documented

• Format instructions not followed (e.g., no conclusion given, etc.)

• Information has limited significance or relevance and interest for an international symposium

• Abstract poorly written, confusing, unclear or contains significant spelling or grammatical errors

• Advertising (commercialization)

• Identifying information (e.g. names of investigators or institutions, unnecessary reference to

geographic location) included in the title or body of the abstract

• Error in method or data presented 

Sponsors Exhibitors
General Info

The 16th International Cord Blood Symposium is the premier event bringing together the leaders and experts in the areas of Stem Cell Transplantation; Regenerative Medicine; Cellular Therapies; and Cord Blood Banking. Our scientific program will provide the most recent and up-to-date advancements in these areas with the vision that education will support advancement in these practices.

Why Exhibit at the 16th International Cord Blood Symposium?

Increased Exposure: The meeting is enjoying year-to-year growth on all measures, including registrants, exhibitors, workshops, and abstracts. Great attendance is projected for the Symposium, translating into qualified leads for your company and a substantial return on your exhibit investment.

Target Audience: Physicians and other healthcare professionals who are principal decision-makers and key opinion leaders in the areas of regenerative medicine, stem cell transplantation, and cord blood banking.

Premier Event: The 16th International Cord Blood Symposium features the latest in cutting-edge research and enables attendees to interface with leading organizations showcasing their latest innovations in the treatment of pediatric and adult patients using cord blood stem cells

Organising Agency

Do you have questions about the Symposium or need help registering? Contact a member of the AABB Professional Development team:


Phone: +1.301.215.6482

For questions on Supporting and Exhibiting at the Symposium, contact:

Darnella Bradley

Sr. Sales Associate, Healthcare Sector

(Exhibit/Sponsorship Sales – Companies A-L)


Emily Dowling

Sales Account Manager, Healthcare Sector

(Exhibit/Sponsorship Sales Companies M - Z)


Meghan Leahy, CFM

Manager, Exposition Operations



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