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Bella Center # | Copenhagen, DENMARK
From 185 to 710 EUR
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Specialty: , Ophthalmology
Dates: From Jun, 8, 2013 to Jun, 11, 2013
Location: Copenhagen, DENMARK
Type: Congress, Course
Registration Cost: From 185 to 710 EUR
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Weather Info (monthly averages) Max Temperature: C / F Min Temperature: C / F The above data in our Weather Info table are temperature predictions for the date of the medical event for Copenhagen, Denmark.
General Info
Event Venue:

Bella Center #

Copenhagen, DENMARK
THE BELLA CENTER GROUP Bella Center is a fully modern trade fair and convention centre that is capable of hosting all types of events: trade fairs & exhibitions, large & small meetings, international conventions, parties - everything is possible.   The entire centre is equipped with broadband internet access and all meeting rooms feature wireless network capabilities. We always have the latest IT and audiovisual technology, as well as other technical equipment.   If you require a permanent showroom in the fields of fashion or interior design, or a standard office space, we can also meet these needs.  
TRADE FAIR- AND EXHIBITION CENTER Bella Center arranges a wide range of large and small fairs and exhibitions every year. CONGRESS CENTER Meetings and congresses of all sizes are held at Bella Center. BELLA SKY COMWELL HOTEL COPENHAGEN In May 2011 Bella Sky Comwell hotel opened. The hotel has 812 rooms, a number of meeting rooms plus restaurants and sky bar.   HOTEL CROWNE PLAZA COPENHAGEN TOWERS In January 2014 Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers in Ørestad - one of the leading  sustainable hotels in Denmark - became part of the Bella Center Group. CIFF SHOWROOMS The first and second floors of Bella Center feature permanent showrooms for fashion, shoes and accessories. The area is reserved for invited buyers. INTERNATIONAL HOUSE A part of Bella Center is its centrally located office hotel, featuring all modern facilities and offices of all sizes. FORUM COPENHAGEN Located close to Copenhagen's centre, Forum became a subsidiary of Bella Center in 1997 and operates today as an integrated part of the group. A wide range of events are held at Forum, including concerts, exhibitions, banquets and much more.
Visit the Venue to read more


We are happy to inform you that the SOE offers Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for the Congress in Copenhagen. The number of CME credits which will be assigned to the SOE 2013 Congress in Copenhagen will be announced on the Congress website prior to the event. 

For American participants - EACCME approved credits for live activities are recognized by the American Medical Association for conversion to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.
Physicians may apply to convert EACCME credit into AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ by submitting a form and attaching an EACCME credit certificate, and processing fee. A certificate of AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ will be mailed within 4 weeks. For further information, please visit: 

Transportation Guide:

From the Airport

Regional trains runs from the Airport to Ørestad Station, from where you can transfer to the metro. 

Alternatively the Bella Center is only a 10-15 minute taxi drive from Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, from which there are many international and domestic flights every day.

By Metro and/or Train

The metro line M1 runs between Vanløse and Vestamager, (West Amager). The Bella Center metro Station is located next to Bella Center's East Entrance.

Regional trains stop at Ørestad Station, from which you can transfer to the metro for your onwards travel to the Bella Center metro station.

Please click here for an overview of the Metro in Copenhagen. More information available here
Please click here for an overview of the Trains in Copenhagen. More information avalable here

By Taxi
A taxi from Bella Center to the city centre costs about 200 DKK. 
A taxi from Bella Center to Copenhagen Airport costs about 150-200 DKK. 
Taxis in Copenhagen accept all major credit cards.

By Car
Follow the "Airport Motorway", E20. The exit to Center Boulevard is number 19 and is called "Ørestad" with "Bella Center" listed below.

From the city centre by Bus
From Copenhagen Central Station take bus line 30, the journey between the Central Station and the Bella Center takes 20-25 minutes. Bus line 30 runs between Vesterport Station (via the central station) and Bella Center.

Bus line 4A runs from Svanemøllen Station to Sundbyvester Plads via Valby Station and Sjælør Station.

For additional information, please contact

Event Overview
Welcome message:


The next Congress of the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) will take place on June 8-11, 2013 in Copenhagen. This beautiful capital of Denmark retains the charm of a small town and yet combines it with the air of a busy metropolis. 

At the battle of Copenhagen in 1801, Lord Nelson allegedly put the telescope to his blind eye and claimed that he was unable to detect the signal from his superior to disengage the enemy. After ignoring the signal, he pursued the fight and eventually won the battle. However, we now recognize that he was simply worried that the spectacular scenery of Copenhagen would make him forget the fight and lose the battle, so he literally turned a blind eye to any distraction.


To make you forget the charms of Copenhagen (without the use of a blind eye) and stay at the venue we will arrange an unsurpassed scientific programme in close collaboration with the European subspecialty, research and educational organisations in ophthalmology. This results in an outstanding set of speakers covering all topics of ophthalmology. Internationally renowned keynote lecturers will address pertinent issues, specially invited speakers at subspecialty symposia will update us on the current approaches to clinical problems, and course instructors will provide practical tips on how to improve your clinical practice. Free paper sessions, posters and sessions for special interest groups will abound. Allied health professionals may enjoy a designated scientific agenda or simply attend the main lectures. The exhibition area will accommodate most of the industry and feature almost any device or drug conceived for ophthalmology.

The Bella Center congress venue is an outstanding, completely refurbished complex. The spacious halls and contemporary Danish design are flawless. But perhaps best of all: the Bella Center is only a 10 minute metro ride away from the very centre of Copenhagen and five minutes away from the busy international airport.

Should you have some time to spare, friendly Copenhagen is the ideal tourist city easily accessible by public transportation. Numerous distractions include everything from the famous Glyptoteket, a museum for ancient and modern art with some 10,000 artifacts, to Tivoli, the downtown amusement park.

We are convinced that this meeting will be a true highlight. Hope to see you in Copenhagen in June 2013. 

Stefan Seregard
President of the European Society of Ophthalmology

Abbott, Richard, United States
Abdala, Carlos, Colombia
Ablett, Ann-Marie, United Kingdom
Aclimandos, Wagih, United Kingdom
Albrecht, Susanne, Sweden
Alió, Jorge L., Spain
Allegaert, Karel, Belgium
Allen, David, United Kingdom
Amon, Michael, Austria
Amzallag, Thierry, France
Armitage, John, United Kingdom
Arshinoff, Steve, Canada
Auffarth, Gerd, Germany
Augustin, Albert, Germany
Aylward, Bill, United Kingdom
Azar, Dimitri, United States
Azuara-Blanco, Augusto, United Kingdom

Bachmann, Björn, Germany
Bainbridge, Jim, United Kingdom
Baldeschi, Lelio, Italy
Bandello, Francesco, Italy
Barboni, Piero, Italy
Barisani-Asenbauer, Talin, Austria
Barry, Peter, Ireland
Barsam, Allon, United Kingdom
Battaglia Parodi, Maurizio, Italy
Beaconsfield, Michele, United Kingdom
Bechrakis, Nikolaos, Austria
Behndig, Anders, Sweden
Beiko, George, Canada
Belin, Michael, United States
Bengtsson, Boel, Sweden
Benjamin, Larry, United Kingdom
Berman, Dalia, Denmark
Berta, András, Hungary
Biel, Martin, Germany
Biger, Yoram, Israel
Binder, Susanne, Austria
Biró, Zsolt, Hungary
Bishop, Paul, United Kingdom
Biswas, Sus, United Kingdom
Bjerre Toft, Peter, Denmark
Blanckaert, Johan, Belgium
Boberg-Ans, Gørel, Denmark
Boboridis, Kostas, Greece
Bodaghi, Bahram, France
Bolger, John, United States
Bolz, Hanno, Germany
Bopp, Silvia, Germany
Bornfeld, Norbert, Germany
Borruat, Francois, France
Boschi, Antonella, Belgium
Boscia, Francesco, Italy
Bouchenaki, Nadia, Switzerland
Brecelj, Jelka, Slovenia
Bremner, Fion, United Kingdom
Brennan, Michael, United States
Briscoe, Daniel, Israel
Bron, Alain, France
Brooks, Carmel, United Kingdom
Buch Hesgaard, Helena, Denmark
Burdon, Michael, United Kingdom

Cano, Rene, Mexico
Chan, Paul, United States
Chakrabarti, Arup, India
Charteris, David, United Kingdom
Chong, Victor, United Kingdom
Clare, Gerry, United Kingdom
Cochener, Béatrice, France
Colby, Kathryn, United States
Coleman, Kate, Ireland
Collin, Richard, United Kingdom
Cooper, John, United Kingdom
Cordeiro, Francesca, United Kingdom
Coupland, Sarah, United Kingdom
Craig, Stephen, United Kingdom
Creten, Onne, Netherlands
Creuzot-Garcher, Catherine, France
Cunha-Vaz, José, Portugal

Dalma, Jose, Mexico
Damato, Bertil, United Kingdom
D'Amico, Donald, United States
Dana, Reza, United States
Dart, John, United Kingdom
de Faber, Jan-Tjeerd, Netherlands
De Laey, Jean Jacques, Belgium
De Natale, Renato, Italy
de Smet, Marc, Switzerland
Debono, Mark, Malta
Dekaris, Iva, Croatia
Denis, Philippe, France
Desjardins, Laurence, France
Dodson, Paul, United Kingdom
Dotan, Shlomo, Israel
Drnovšek, Birgita, Slovenia

Edmonds, Jane, United States
Emmerich, Karl-Heinz, Germany
Epstein, Dan, Switzerland

Fagerholm, Per, Sweden
Falkner-Radler, Christiane, Austria
Faschinger, Christoph, Austria
Feeney, Aine, United Kingdom
Feldman, Brad, United States
Feldt-Rasmussen, Ulla, Denmark
Fenech, Thomas, Malta
Filippopoulos, Theodoros, Greece
Findl, Oliver, Austria
Fleischhauer, Johannes, Switzerland
Forlini, Cesare, Italy
Frischmuth, Jörg, Germany
Frucht-Pery, Joseph, Israel
Frueh, Beatrice, Switzerland

Gabel, Peter, Germany
Gandolfi, Stefano, Italy
Genders, Stijn, Netherlands
Gerten, Georg, Germany
Gini, Giampaolo, Italy
Golnik, Karl, United States
Gomes, Andre, Brazil
Gómez de Liaño, Rosario, Spain
Gooch, John M., United States
Gottlob, Irene, United Kingdom
Gragoudas, Evangelos, United States
Graue, Frederico, Mexico
Graziani, Carlo, Italy
Grehn, Franz, Germany
Griffith, May, Sweden
Grupcheva, Christina, Bulgaria
Grzybowski, Andrzej, Poland
Güell, José, Spain
Gupta, Vishali, India

Haefliger, Ivan O., Switzerland
Hafezi, Farhad, Switzerland
Hageman, Gregory, United States
Hajari, Javad Nouri, Denmark
Hamam, Rola N., Lebanon
Hamel, Christian, France
Hamilton, Ruth, United Kingdom
Hamilton-Bower, Isabelle, United Kingdom
Hancock, Richard, United Kingdom
Haughom, Bente, Norway
Hawlina, Marko, Slovenia
Heegaard, Steffen, Denmark
Hegedus, Laszlo, Denmark
Heijl, Anders, Sweden
Henry, Ype, Netherlands
Herbort, Carl P., Switzerland
Hintschich, Christoph, Germany
Hitchings, Roger, United Kingdom
Hjortdal, Jesper, Denmark
Hoang-Xuan, Thanh, France
Hoffart, Louis, France
Holder, Graham, United Kingdom
Holmes, Jonathan, United States
Holmström, Gerd, Sweden
Holst, Inger, Denmark
Hommer, Anton, Austria
Hosie, Stuart, United Kingdom

Iester, Michele, Italy
Iliev, Milko, Switzerland
Illum, Niels, Denmark
Irkeç, Murat, Turkey

Jaafar, Mohamad S., United States
Jacobi, Christina, Germany
Jager, Martine, The Netherlands
Jain, Saurabh, United Kingdom
Jansonius, Nomdo, The Netherlands
Jasinskas, Vytautas, Lithuania
Jeppesen, Peter, Denmark
Johansson, Björn, Sweden
Jonasson, Fridbert, Iceland
Jünemann, Anselm, Germany

Kampik, Anselm, Germany
Kawasaki, Aki, Switzerland
Kedhar, Sanjay, United States
Keiding, Søren, Denmark
Kenawy, Nihal, United Kingdom
Kestelyn, Philippe, Belgium
Keunen, Jan, Netherlands
Khairallah, Moncef, Tunisia
Khalilia, Nasrallah, Israel
Khawaja, Anthony, United Kingdom
Kiilgaard, Jens Folke, Denmark
Kinoshita, Shigeru, Japan
Kivelä, Tero, Finland
Kjaergærd, Johan, Denmark
Kocur, Ivo, Switzerland
Kohnen, Thomas, Germany
Konstas, Anastasios, Greece
Kreissig, Ingrid, Germany
Kruse, Friedrich, Germany
Kryger Andersen, Charlotte, Denmark
Kuhn, Ferenc, United States
Kvanta, Anders, Sweden


La Cour, Morten, Denmark
LaFranco, Frank, United States
Lake, Sarah, United Kingdom
Landau, Klara, Switzerland
Lang, Gabriele, Germany
Lanzetta, Paolo, Italy
Larkin, Frank, United Kingdom
Le Mer, Yannick, France
Le Tourneau, Christophe C., France
Lee, Barry, United States
LeHoang, Phuc, France
Leiba, Hana, Israel
Leonardi, Andrea, Italy
Leroy, Bart, Belgium
Levin, Leonard, Canada
Levy-Gabriel, Christine, France
Lieb, Wolfgang, Germany
Liehnova, Ivana, Czech Republic
Liu, Christopher, United Kingdom
Loewenstein, Anat, Israel
Lorente, Ramon, Spain
Lorenz, Birgit, Germany
Lucke, Klaus, Germany
Lyhne, Niels, Denmark
Lyng, Karen Marie

Ma'ali, Ahmad, Israel
Macsai, Marian, United States
Malecaze, François, France
Malyugin, Boris, Russian Federation
Marchini, Giorgio, Italy
Marinho, Antonio, Portugal
Marinkovic, Marina, Netherlands
Markomichelakis, Nikos, Greece
Marsden, Janet, United Kingdom
Martin, Keith, United Kingdom
Martin, Lene, Sweden
Martini, Enrico, Italy
Martinkova, Radka, Czech Republic
Massin, Pascale, France
Mateo, Carlos, Spain
Mathysen, Danny, Belgium
Mayorga, Edoardo, Argentina
Mc Elvaney, Andrena, United Kingdom
McGhee, Charles, New Zealand
Medel, Ramon, Spain
Mennel, Stefan, Austria
Merayo, Jesus, Spain
Messmer, Elisabeth, Germany
Midena, Edoardo, Italy
Mojon, Daniel, Switzerland
Møller, Hans Ulrik, Denmark
Moore, Tony, United Kingdom
Mooy, Cornelia, Netherlands
Morax, Serge, France
Munier, Francis, Switzerland
Murray, Phil, United Kingdom
Murta, Joaquim, Portugal

Nawrocki, Jerzy, Poland
Nehemy, Marcio, Brazil
Németh, János, Hungary
Neri, Piergiorgio, Italy
Nikolakopoulos, Athanasis, Greece
Nischal, Ken, United States
Nucci, Carlo, Italy
Nuijts, Rudy, Netherlands

Olsen, Thomas K., Denmark
Olver, Jane, United Kingdom
Onal, Sumru, Turkey
Opstrup, Annette, Denmark
Othman, Ihab Saad, Egypt

Palis, Gabriela, Argentina
Papadia, Marina, Italy
Paridaens, Dion, Netherlands
Paris, Vincent, Belgium
Parekh, Mohit, Italy
Park, Hee-Jung, United States
Pavésio, Carlos, United Kingdom
Pelayes, David, Argentina
Peto, Tunde, United Kingdom
Pfeiffer, Norbert, Germany
Pietilä, Juhani, Finland
Piovella, Matteo, Italy
Pitz, Susanne, Germany
Plager, David, United States
Pleyer, Uwe, Germany
Ponsioen, Dirk, Netherlands
Prause, Jan Ulrik, Denmark
Purvin, Valerie, United States

Radecka, Liga, Latvia
Resnikoff, Serge, Switzerland
Reus, Nic, Netherlands
Richard, Gisbert, Germany
Rigal-Sasourne, Jean-Claude, France
Ringens, Peter, Netherlands
Rolando, Maurizio, Italy
Rose, Geoffrey, United Kingdom
Rosen, Paul, United Kingdom
Rozsíval, Pavel, Czech Republic

Saleh, George, United Kingdom
Salvi, Mario, Italy
Saornil, Antonia, Spain
Saunte, Jon Peiter, Denmark
Schalij-Delfos, Nicoline, Netherlands
Schallhorn, Steven, United States
Scharfenberg, Elizabeth, Germany
Schaudig, Ulrich, Germany
Schiavi, Costantino, Italy
Schlingemann, Reinier, Netherlands
Schlötzer-Schrehardt, Ursula, Germany
Schollmayer, Petra, Slovenia
Schrader, Wolfgang, Germany
Schworm, Hermann, Germany
Sebag, Jerry, United States
Seiler, Theo, Switzerland
Seitz, Berthold, Germany
Seregard, Stefan, Sweden
Serra Castanera, Alicia, Spain
Shaw, Mary, United Kingdom
Sigurdsson, Haraldur, Iceland
Silvestri, Giulia, United Kingdom
Singh, Arun, United States
Sjølie, Anne Katrin, Denmark
Solborg, Søren, Denmark
Soubrane, Gisele, France
Spivey, Bruce, United States
Stalmans, Ingeborg, Belgium
Stanzel, Boris, Germany
Stefánsson, Einar, Iceland
Stieger, Knut, Germany
Stodůlka, Pavel, Czech Republic
Storr-Paulsen, Allan, Denmark
Strianese, Diego, Italy
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Sunaric-Megevand, Gordana, Switzerland

Tadayoni, Ramin, France
Takahashi, Walter, Brazil
Tassignon, Marie-José, Belgium
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Tervo, Timo, Finland
Thompson, Dorothy, United Kingdom
Thumann, Gabriele, Germany
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Thygesen, John, Denmark
Tjia, Khiun, Netherlands
Toker, Ebru, Turkey
Topouzis, Fotis, Greece
Touitou, Valerie, France
Traverso, Carlo E., Italy
Trobe, Jonathan, United States
Tuulonen, Anja, Finland

van Cleynenbreugel, Hugo, Belgium, Netherlands
van der Valk, Paul, Netherlands
van Meurs, Jan, Netherlands
van Rij, Gabriel, Netherlands
Vannas, Kaarina, Finland
Vegh, Mihaly, Hungary
Verdijk, Robert, Netherlands
Vemuganti, Geeta, India
Verma, Seema, United Kingdom
Vinding, Troels, Denmark
Viswanathan, Ananth, United Kingdom
Volpe, Nicholas, United States
von Holstein, Sarah, Denmark
Vujosevic, Stela, Italy

Walochnik, Julia, Austria
Wildberger, Hannes, Switzerland
Wilhelm, Helmut, Germany
Willermain, Francois, Belgium
Wolf, Sebastian, Switzerland
Wolfensberger, Thomas, Switzerland
Wong, David, United Kingdom

Zarbin, Marco, United States
Zetterström, Charlotta, Sweden
Zeyen, Thierry, Belgium
Ziakas, Nikolas, Greece
Zierhut, Manfred, Germany
Zografos, Leonidas, Switzerland

Özkan, Seyhan, Turkey  

Invited speakers are not required to submit an abstract for their invited lecture, however, invited speakers are welcome to submit abstracts in general to be presented as an oral or poster presentation.


Courses / Workshops within the event

The EUPO Course will take place on Friday 7 June and Saturday 8 June, 2013, in conjunction with the SOE 2013 Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Click here to view a pdf version of the Preliminary EUPO Course Programme.
(The Scientific Programme is correct at the time of printing, and may be subject to change)


The registration fee for the EUPO Course includes 
Admission to the courses on 7-8 June

  • EUPO Course evening 7 June
  • Lunch 7 June
  • Syllabus book
  • Certification
Social Program

Opening Ceremony
Saturday, 8 June, 2013 at 10.15-11.45

The Opening ceremony will be held at the Bella Center. It is open to all registered participants and is included in the registration fee.

During the Opening ceremony the Charamis Medal will be awarded to Professor Ioannis Pallikaris from Greece, the Henkes Medal will be awarded to Professor Luc Missotten from Belgium and the Mark Tso Golden Apple Award will be awarded to Professor Gabriel van Rij from the Netherlands. 

Welcome Reception
Saturday, 8 June, 2013 at 18.00-19.30

All registered participants are cordially invited to attend the Welcome reception in the exhibition area at the Bella Center.  It is included in the registration fee and will provide you with ample opportunities to meet old friends and make new acquaintances.

Should you have 
some time to spare, 
before or after the 
Congress, friendly 
Copenhagen is the 
ideal tourist city, 
easily accessible by 
public transportation. 

Numerous distractions 
include everything from 
the famous Glyptoteket, 
a museum for ancient 
and modern art with 
some 10 000 artefacts, 
to Tivoli, the downtown 
amusement park.
Registration Not yet available Register Now

Please click here to access the hotel reservation
Online hotel reservations are made in conjunction with your registration. Should you already be registered for the Congress, and wish to add a hotel reservation, please click on the link above.

A number of rooms in different categories have been pre booked at preferential rates. All hotels are located nearby the Congress venue or in the city of Copenhagen. The Congress venue, Bella Center, is easily accessible by public transport.


Bookings are made online and can therefore be confirmed immediately. All rates are per room per night and are including breakfast, service charges and VAT. Any extra charges for minibar, telephone, room service, etc. must be settled directly with the hotel. 

All requests will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. Booking requests received after 3 May 2013 will be subject to a late booking fee of 30 EUR. 

Rooms can be guaranteed until 3 May 2013. After this date rooms can be booked upon availability. 

Group Bookings

For requests of more than five rooms, different conditions will be applied and a group contract will be set up. Please contact Congrex for more information on or +46 8 4596600.


Payment of accommodation

A deposit of 250 EUR per room is required to guarantee your reservation, and this can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. Bank transfers not received within 14 days of the booking date will result in the cancellation of the booking without further notice.

Please mention SOE 2013, your name and the invoice number on any bank transfers. On completion of your booking, you will automatically receive a confirmation / invoice by email. 

The final balance payment is due 3 May 2013.
Please do not send any payments directly to the hotel.

  • Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard may be used for all hotel charges. Please indicate card number and expiry date, as indicated, on the online hotel reservation form.
  • Bank transfer to Congrex Travel AG, Switzerland, UBS AG, Postfach, CH – 4002 Basel, Switzerland, BIC/SWIFT-code: UBSWCHZH80A, IBAN no: CH 62 0023 3233 5954 0061P, account: 233-595400.61P. Reference SOE 2013, name and invoice number(s).
Further Details:

Changes or cancellations must be made in writing to Congrex at soe2013.hotel@congrex.comand cannot be made online nor directly with the hotel. Changes of reservation will be subject to a handling fee of 30 EUR. 

Should you need to cancel your hotel reservation on or before 3 May 2013, the deposit will be refunded less a 60 EUR handling fee. Cancellation after 3 May 2013, or arrival after / departure before the dates indicated on your reservation form will result in the entire stay of accommodation being charged, since hotel no-show charges make refunds impossible in this instance. Please note that the changes or alterations to your booking cannot be made directly with the hotel(s). 

Scientific Content Up to Date
Scientific Program:
Sponsors Exhibitors
General Info

The SOE 2013 will be a hallmark event in ophthalmology worldwide. It offers a unique platform for you to interact with an international group of ophthalmologists, surgeons, and researchers as well as keep them informed of the latest product advancements and industry trends. Together with the scientific programme, world-class venue and facilities, Copenhagen is the ideal destination for the Congress.

Sponsors / Supporters

Platinum Sponsorship


Gold Sponsorship



Joint Gold Sponsorship


Exhibit hours, program

Saturday, 8 June     09.30-19.30
Sunday, 9 June       09.30-17.30
Monday, 10 June     09.30-17.30
Tuesday, 11 June    09.30-13.00

Organising Agency

The Congress of SOE 2013 Congress Secretariat

Congrex Sweden AB
Attn: SOE 2013
P.O. Box 5619
SE-114 86 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 459 66 00
Fax: +46 8 661 91 25

Exhibition Organiser

Congrex Sweden AB
Attn: SOE 2013
P.O. Box 5619
SE-114 86 Stockholm
Telephone: +44 7830 221032
Fax: +46 8 661 91 25


Email Addresses

Abstract submission and speakers contact




General issues and practical matters

Official Event Webpage
Event map
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