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2013 EFFoST Annual Meeting: Bio-based Technologies in the Context of European Food Innovation Systems

Savoia Hotel * | Bologna, ITALY
From 300 to 1650 EUR
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Title: 2013 EFFoST Annual Meeting: Bio-based Technologies in the Context of European Food Innovation Systems
Specialty: , Other Specialties
Dates: From Nov, 12, 2013 to Nov, 15, 2013
Location: Bologna, ITALY
Type: Meeting
Registration Cost: From 300 to 1650 EUR
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General Info
Event Venue:

Savoia Hotel *

Bologna, ITALY Visit the Venue to read more
Event Overview
Welcome message:

Dear Researchers, Students and Colleagues, 

Food innovation represents an ongoing challenge for researchers, industry, policy makers, suppliers and food chain managers.

Consumers want good quality and tasty foods but are increasingly demanding nutritional and bio-functional properties for these foods, as more advanced research discoveries and facts are publicized.

Within this framework the ongoing research programmes carried out at European level, mainly supported by EU research funding or by national/regional research funds or by the food industry, are continuing at the highest scientific level by industrial and academic researchers. These activities include research on characterization, quality evaluation, and functionality of food and ingredients from both traditional and novel sources. Advanced and innovative technologies to improve food safety, maintaining food quality to prolong shelf-life, biotechnologies to increase nutrition and functional properties, highly efficient new analytical methods, new approaches to bio-packaging and food processing sustainability are all topics in which the main European research groups are actively involved, and having their research referred to.

Owing to the strong and increasing interest in the relationship between food consumption, public health, well-being, healthy ageing and more general aspects as sustainability and resource efficiency, developments in these food research areas have been included as a bio-based technology component of the Priority “Societal Challenges” platform within the EU’s Horizon 2020 vision documents.

In fact, an expectation of this future EU research programme is that substantive advancement will be needed for the achievement of the challenges and policy relevant indicators to “improving the lifelong health and wellbeing of all and to secure sufficient supplies of safe and high quality food and other bio-based products, by developing productive and resource-efficient primary production systems, fostering ecosystem services, alongside competitive and low carbon supply chains.”

Furthermore, the omics approach will allow food and nutrition to be considered as a whole, rather than as separate domains, to achieve the main objective, the optimization of human health and well-being.

The exchange of viewpoints and experiences between industrial and academic researchers and students will play a key role in creating the synergies needed to kick-start the development and innovation in the food science and food industry sectors following the recommendation to integrate organizations from universities, business and research in the “knowledge triangle” promoted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

All the above topics will be the subject of plenary lectures, research papers and discussions at the next EFFoST Annual Meeting to be held in Bologna, Italy, from 12th-15th November, 2013.

The conference programme will be focused on two topic streams, one addressing bio-based scientific approaches for food-human wellbeing interaction, and the other relating more specifically to bio-based technologies for industry competitiveness.

On behalf of the Organizing and the Scientific Committee I’m very glad to invite all of you to participate in this conference since it will certainly be one of the key events for the European community of food scientists this year.

I sincerely hope you will be able to join us in Bologna to make your contribution to the progress of our multidisciplinary science by presenting your research as a poster or oral presentation.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Bologna.

Very best regards,

Marco Dalla Rosa - Conference Chair 
Full Professor of Food Technology
Head of the Interdepartmental Centre for Agri-Food Industrial Research
Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna 


Noel Cano, INRA, France 
Marco Dalla RosaAlma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy (Chair)
Antonio Di GiulioEuropean Commission, D. G. Research, Belgium
Alessia Di SandroARIC, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy
Claudio Franceschi, NUAge Project, UNIBO, Italy 
Nathalie Gontard, UMR IATE, INRA,France 
Colin Hill, University College Cork, Ireland 
Marta Hugas, EFSA, Italy
Lene LangeAalborg University, Denmark
Jurriaan Mes, Wageningen UR – Food & Biobased Research, The Netherlands
Lorenzo MorelliUniversity of Piacenza, Italy 
Mauro Moresi, Università della Tuscia, Italy 
Roberto Nardiformer UNILEVER R&D Director, Italy 
Paul O 'TooleDept. Microbiology & Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, University College Cork, Ireland 
Paola PittiaUniversity of Teramo, Italy 
Serge Rezzi, Nestlé R&D Centre, Switzerland
Pier Giorgio Righetti,  Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Daniele RossiFederalimentare, Italy
John van Duynhoven, Unilever R&D, The Netherlands

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Scientific Content Up to Date
Submission Info

Abstract Submissions now closed

The conference will address the following themes:

I. Consumer well-being 
a. Diet-host interaction: biotech / metabolomic approaches

  1. Gut microflora / food design relationship
  2. Safety aspect of food associated microorganisms
  3. Molecular determinants / food formulation
  4. Probiotics from genomics to functionality

b. Diet and physical activity

  1. Level of physical activity and diet needs & interaction
    • High level
    • Intermediate
    • Low – sedentary

c. Healthy ageing

II. Industry competitiveness 
a. Technology innovation by omic approaches / bioprocesses  

  1. Enzymes & biocatalysis
  2. Biomasses & biopolymers
  3. Process ecology / sustainability
  4. Biorefinery


b. Bio-based analytical approaches for food quality

  1. Metabolomic and food characterization
    • Genuinity / authenticity / adulteration
  2. Structural proteomic
  3. Genomic and metagenomic in evaluation of food safety

Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt including an abstract reference number, which should be quoted in all correspondence. Allow at least 2 hours for your receipt to be returned to you. Once the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors must register for the conference and present the paper at the conference.

All authors who register for the conference may have their article considered for publication by one of the Supporting Journals, by selecting their preferred journal at abstract submission stage. Acceptance of a paper for conference presentation does not guarantee subsequent acceptance for journal publication.

Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be included within the abstract book which will be distributed to all registered conference participants.

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