You are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the Organising Committee for presentation at the 39th Annual Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Pain Society Inc. 

Abstracts are invited for oral or poster presentations. If you wish to submit an abstract for consideration by the Committee, you must also register to attend the Conference (day registration or full conference). To Register Online please CLICK HERE

Abstracts must be submitted via this Conference website by clicking the "Submit Your Abstract" button at the top right of this page. Faxed or posted abstracts will NOT be accepted. Please submit your abstract by 4pm Monday 27 January 2014. Notice of acceptance will be sent to submission authors by Monday 3 February 2014. Abstract authors are asked to carefully study the submission instructions.

Please submit your abstract online using the prescribed template by clicking on the link to the right of this page.

Please ensure you read the following information before submitting an abstract.


Oral Presentations: If you are selected to offer an oral presentation you will need to prepare and practise an 8 minute presentation. Please be aware that your total presentation time is only 8 minutes - 2 minutes will then be set aside at the end of your presentation for Q&A. Standard audiovisual equipment provided: lectern, microphone,PC laptop, data projector and screen. All presentations will be PowerPoint presentations to be saved as PowerPoint for PC to CDROM, USB Flash Drive. Laptop changeover at the Conference WILL NOT be permitted.

Poster Presentations: There will be a scientific poster display in the Industry Exhibition Hall. Programmed presentation and discussion periods may be scheduled during the lunch breaks. The poster should measure 1189mm high by 841mm wide (A0 size – portrait format). The poster should be laminated and the text should be in a font of sufficient size for easy reading at a distance of 1 metre. The poster boards will be Velcro-sensitive, please bring Velcro hooks to attach your poster to the board.

You will receive confirmation by email that the abstract has been received. If you do not receive confirmation please contact the Conference Your submitted abstract will be considered by the scientific committee for presentation.


Awards may be presented in the following categories
“1st Presentation at a Conference"
"Best Free Paper"
"Best Poster"

Assessment will be based on content and presentation and the award will be open to all papers accepted by the Organising Committee. The judges will be appointed by the Organising Committee and the decision of the judges will be final. The awards will be presented during the Annual Scientific Meeting.


All abstracts should be original research. Case reports may be acceptable although the onus is on the author to demonstrate the significance of the report.
General specifications are:
  • Word document ONLY. Do not use presentation software such as PowerPoint
  • Single spacing
  • Length: 300 words or less, excluding presenters and department
  • Text should be single spaced with justified margins.
  • 11 pt Arial font
  • Limit the number of authors to no more than 7
  • Do not indent paragraphs
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English

Your abstract should contain the following:
  • Title: Sentence case, bold,
  • Authors / Presenters: Sentence Case. Show initial and then surname only. Presenter's name underlined with asterisks used in conjunction with the Department and Institution,
  • Department and Institution of all Authors / Presenters:Sentence case, italics,
  • Body of Abstract: Sentence case.The BODY of your abstract should include these headings in bold:
  • Introduction (including the study hypothesis)
  • Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions. It is not satisfactory to state that results will be discussed or data will be presented. References (maximum of two). Abbreviations may be used but must be spelt out in full at the first mention followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.


1. Complete your abstract using the template provided. Save your abstract to your desktop.
2. Register your interest on-line. Please read the instructions carefully and complete each page as necessary.
3. When requested, upload your previously saved abstract to the online process