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Palazzo dei Congressi Firenze Fiera # | Florence, ITALY
From 200 to 650 EUR
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Specialty: , Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics
Dates: From Jun, 4, 2014 to Jun, 7, 2014
Location: Florence, ITALY
Type: Congress
Registration Cost: From 200 to 650 EUR
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General Info
Event Venue:

Palazzo dei Congressi Firenze Fiera #

Florence, ITALY
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Located inside the 18th century Villa Vittoria, Palazzo dei Congressi Firenze boasts a prestigious auditorium which can host up to  1,000 people. There is also an exhibiting area of 920 sq m, along with other halls which can host 50, 80 (Sala Onice -Onyx Hall) and 200 people (Sala Verde - Green Hall) respectively, and which are positioned within the 4 floors of the villa. Surrounded by a centuries-old garden, Palazzo dei Congressi and its adjacent Lemon House are located in front of Palazzo degli Affari and are connected to the Fortezza da Basso through a pedestrian square, thus forming a congress & exhibition area which is completely accessible on foot, in the heart of the city. giardino_07-focus-villa The charming interiors of the venue are characterised by a combination of Florentine antique furniture with modern and functionally designed halls. If you want to know the history and the origins of the prestigious Villa Vittoria, home of the Palazzo dei Congressi, click here pdf_button
Visit the Venue to read more
Event Overview
Welcome message:
  "The cultural Journey never ends...”

It gives me great pleasure to invite you all to the XXIV European Congress of Perinatal Medicine to be held in the beautiful city of Florence from June 4th to June 7th,2014. This event will offer the opportunity to explore exciting new terrains in perinatal sciences. You must not miss this congress for the following reasons:

First: ECPM 2014 will be a site of widespread confrontation, where you can personally addresspressing topics, advance powerful ideas and give birth to creative knowledge. Florence will bethe place where ideas and opinions are exchanged on perinatal sciences in an approach that emphasizes interaction. The various panels we are organising for you promise exciting revelations for everyone. Each panel, which will consist of renowned speakers, experts in their respective fields, will address a major topic or related issue. You may learn more about a topic you were already familiar with; or you might also find yourself discovering a whole new world of ideas and information you didn't know existed. Either way, you'll have many opportunities to explore fascinating new terrain with these reputable speakers.
Second: hearing of someone else's background and experiences can often make for fascinating discoveries that can educate and profoundly affect us. So take advantage of this rare gathering of hundreds of people working in the same field to get together, exchange views, and learn from one another about the following topics: prematurity, abnormal placentation, perinatal nutrition, neonatal pneumology, infections & surroundings, twins, foetal therapy, neuroscience, fetal growth restriction, epigenetics, metabolomics, personalized care, diabesity, intrapartum surveillance, caesarean sections, ethics, medical humanities and narrative medicine, prevention strategies, quality improvement, networks and…. …much much more. 
Third: Florence was once an important centre of humanism. Humanism is a special kind of study and thinking mainly aimed at acquiring knowledge of the classics, with historical, philosophical and literary focus on the values of mankind. In line with this approach, ECPM 2014 will be revealing its more wholesome and noble and holistic origins of our discipline. Please consider this invitation with a "spirit of discovery” in mind, taking advantage of the many ways in which you too might explore the unfamiliar — and discover a great deal in the process. Love of our work makes us feel united in one and the same mission, giving energy to perinatal culture.
The motto of our congress could be, to quote Sherrington, “Our cultural journey never ends, it only has resting places, points where the traveller can look around and collect his thoughts”.
In conclusion: It's time for you to come on a cultural journey with us. Mark June 4th - 7th 2014 in your agenda so you can take part in the ECPM 2014 congress.

I look forward to welcoming you to the magnificent, art-filled city of Florence. 


Prof. Gianpaolo Donzelli 
President of ECPM 2014 Congress 
Gianpaolo Donzelli, Italy


Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Italy


S. Adzick

S. Adler

S. Alberico  

Z. Alfirevic   

I. Amer-Wahlin       

A. Antsaklis  

S. Arslanoglu

S. Arulkumaran      

A.P. Athanassiadis   

T. Austin

D. Ayres-de-Campos

D. Azzopardi 

G. Baldini    

C. Bellieni    

C. Benedetto

S. Beksac     

D. Bianchi

I. Blickstein  

P. Brochlekurst

A. Borrell     

G. Breborowicz      

T. H. Bui     

G. Buonocore

F. Bustreo    

A. Cameron  

X. Carbonell -  Estrany

L. Cabero Roura 

V. Carnielli  

H. Carp       

J. Carvalho   

I. Cetin        

E. Chandraharan     

R. Charon    

F. Chervenak

G. Corsello   

K. Costeloe  

C. Dani        

P. Dargaville

J. Deprest    

C. Derom     

G.C. Di Renzo        

A. Dijgaard

G. P. Donzelli

T. Draycott  

S. Dutta

M. Evans

F. Facchinetti        

V. Fanos      

T. Feygin     

E. Gambineri

E. Gratacos

A. A. Gershon  

G. Greisen   

W. Göpel     

P. Griffiths 

M. Guana  

M. Hanson    

D. Haumont  

L. Hellstrom Westas

M. Hod         

C. Hubinont  

P. S. Huppi   

D. Ivanov

B. Jacod      

H. G. Joost  

A. Kalugina     

A. Kugelman 

P. Lago        

C. Lees        

S. Mader      

A. Malvasi    

P. Manzoni   

B. Markovic Yli       

N. Marlow    

K. Marsal     

E. Mason      

F. McAuliffe  

P. Melin       

A. Mikhailov 

N. Modi       

B. W. J. Mol 

G. Monni

G. Moro       

K. Morris

F. Mosca     

M. Mosca     

T. Musci      

K. Nicolaides

G. Nigro      

J. G. Nijhuis 

D. Oepkes

E. Ozek    

J. M. Palacios-Jaraquemada

R. K. Pejaver

M. S. Pignotti

C. Poets       

L. Poon

D. Prayer

R.A. Quintero     

J. Qiu

N. Radunovic

L. Ramenghi 

L. Regan      

M. Robson    

R. Romero   

E. Saliba      

M. Sanchez-Luna     

O. D. Saugstad

S. Scherjon       

A. Shennan   

Y. Shi Yuan

E. Shinwell   

U. Simeoni 

T. Somville      

T. Spector    

C. P. Speer   

V. F. Stamatian      

M. Stanojevic

M. Stark      

B. Sun

D. Sweet      

M. Tackoen  

T. Todros     

A. Ugwumadu        

H. Valensise 

A. Van Kaam

C. Vaysssiere

M. Vento      

A. A. E. Verhagen   

Y. Ville        

G. H. A. Visser       

R. Vladareanu        

C. Voltolini  

M. Wielgos   

C. Winter     

H. Yang       

B. Yi  

Y. Yogev      

L. Zimmermann     

M. Zhou        

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The Meeting doesn't provide any travel and accommodation arrangements for participants.
Our official local housing partner can arrange hotel accommodation for both groups and individuals.
Please keep in mind that bookings will be handled on a "first come, first served" basis.
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Scientific Content Up to Date
Submission Info

All the categories are invited to subimit papers within the following ares:

  • Abnormal placentation
  • Cesarean section
  • Diabesity
  • Doctors and Midwives; care or cure
  • Epigenetics and metabolomics in perinatology
  • Ethics
  • Fetal disease
  • Fetal Growth Restriction
  • First trimester screening and prevention strategies - Obstetrics
  • Induction of labour
  • Infection & Surroundings
  • Intrapartum Surveillance
  • Maternal psychiatric disorders and pregnancy
  • Neonatal Lung
  • Neuroscience ( the fetal and neonatal brain)
  • Perinatal Nutrition
  • Preeclampsia
  • Preterm birth/ the preterm infant
  • Quality improvement and perinatal networks
  • Twins
  • Ventilatory Support
  • Other

Abstract book
Abstracts of posters or oral presentations presented at the conference or satellite symposium will be included in the The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine 

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Organising Agency

Benedetta Sacchetti , MCA EVENTS

Phone: 011-39-23-493-4404

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