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The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences * | New delhi, INDIA
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Specialty: , Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery
Dates: From Oct, 25, 2013 to Oct, 27, 2013
Location: New delhi, INDIA
Type: Meeting
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General Info
Event Venue:

The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences *

New Delhi, INDIA Visit the Venue to read more


Certificates of Attendance will be provided to participants of this meeting, reflective of the hours participated.

Event Overview
Welcome message:

The 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography is an educational collaboration by the following consortium of echocardiography societies:

Thematology / Presented Topics:

Major Topics at a Glance

Friday, 25 October 2013

  • Global Trends that are shaping the Echo World: Enter the Portal
  • Sonographers, Echo Physiologists and Certified Providers: Partners in Automation, Quality and Throughput
  • Chamber Quantification: Newer Metrics in Full Vigor
  • Challenging Hemodynamics: Perfecting the Magic Tricks
  • Common Errors in Congenital Heart Lesions: The Dark Side of Storytelling
  • Smart Reading and Reporting: Focusing with Experts
  • Applications in Contrast Echocardiography: Perception vs. Reality
  • LV function and Deformation: Steps for Standardization and Routine Application
  • Rapid-fire Cases/Original Abstracts/Poster Presentations
  • Leaders Debate: “Do We Need New Gatekeepers for the Gatekeeper: What is Inappropriate in the Age of Smart-phones and Pocket Ultrasounds?”

Saturday, 26 October 2013

  • New Guidelines and Updates in Echocardiography: Hot Off the Press
  • TEE for Structural Heart Disease Imaging (A), Push the Envelope (Luncheon Live Satellite Symposium)
  • Weighing the Benefits of Stress Echo: Applications in Valvular Heart Diseases
  • Carotid Exam: Reclassifying the Risk Strata in Day-to-Day Clinical Practice
  • Tips That Will Help You in the ER/ICU: Cheap, Rugged and Game Changing
  • Navigating Pharmacological Therapies: How to Choose the Right Variable (A)
  • Medical Decision-Making in Imaging: Novel Applications in Chest Pain Units
  • Pearls in Quantifying Valvular Heart Lesions: Proven Winning Strategies
  • Rapid-Fire Cases/Original Abstracts/Poster Presentations
  • Game Show: “Clash of Continents”

Sunday, 27 October 2013

  • Plenary Session, Abstract Award Competition, Keynote Addresses
  • Cornerstone in 3D: TEE for Structural Heart Disease Imaging (B) – Luncheon Live Satellite Symposium
  • Controversies and Diagnostic Errors in Diastolic Function Assessment
  • Navigating Pharmacological Therapies: How to Choose the Right Variable (B)
  • Diagnosing Cardiomyopathies and Pericardial Diseases: Overcoming Challenges
  • Cases and Mistakes that Come Back to Haunt You
  • Society Guidelines: How to Personalize for Your Practice
  • The Colloquium 2013: Ask the Experts
  • Focused Echo, Telemedicine, Cloud Computing, Robotics: The Brave New World
  • Rapid-Fire Cases/Original Abstracts/Poster Presentations
  • Highlights: What Did We Learn, Where Do We Go From Here?

World Summit Faculty

International Faculty

Luigi Badano, MD, FESC – Italy • Bernard Cosyns, MD – Belgium • Hisham Dokainish, MD, FASE – Canada • Donal Erwan, MD, PhD – France • Pedro Gutierrez Fajardo, MD – Mexico • Gregory Fischer, MD – United States • Gilbert Habib, MD – France • Kenneth Horton, RDCS, FASE – United States • Sanjiv Kaul, MD, FASE – United States • Hyung Gwan Kim, MD - Korea • Kye Hun Kim, MD - Korea • Patrizio Lancellotti, MD, FESC – Belgium • Roberto M. Lang, MD, FASE – United States • Jorge Lowenstein, MD, FASE – Argentina • Julien Magne, MD – Belgium • Mark Monaghan, MD – United Kingdom • Yutaka Otsuji, MD - Japan • Patricia A Pellikka, MD,   FASE – United States • Gustavo Restrepo, MD – Colombia • Ricardo Ronderos, MD – Argentina • Lawrence Rudski, MD, FASE – Canada • Yoshihiro Seo, MD – Japan • Xian Hong Shu, MD – China • James D. Thomas, MD, FASE – United States • Jia Wei Tian, MD – China • Marcelo L. Campos Vieira, MD – Brazil • Li Xue Yin, MD – China • Jose Luis Zamorano, MD, FESC, FASE – Spain • Yun Zhang, MD – China • Tian Gang Zhu, MD – China


Indian Faculty

Dr. Vinayak Agrawal – Gurgaon • Dr. Navjeet Singh Ahluwalia – New Delhi • Dr. V. Amuthan – Madural  • Dr. A.V. Anjaneyulu – Hyderabad • Dr. Manish Bansal – Gurgaon • Dr. Nitin Burkule – Mumbai • Dr. Chandramukhi Modi –Hyderabad • Dr. Satish Govind – Bangalore • Dr. Rakesh Gupta – New Delhi • Dr. Jacob Jose – Vellore • Dr. Ravi R. Kasliwal – Gurgaon • Dr. S.S. Kothari – New Delhi • Dr. R. Krishna Kumar – Cochin • Dr. Bijay Kumar Mahala –Bangalore • Dr. Rajan Joseph Manjuran – Tiruvile • Dr. Sanjay Mittal – Gurgaon • Dr. C. Nagamani – Bangalore • Dr. Ashok K. Omar – New Delhi • Dr. Satish Parashar – New Delhi • Dr. Chandrakant B. Patil – Bangalore • Dr. Prabhavathi – Bangalore • Dr. Krishnam Raju – Hyderabad • Dr. Anita Saxena – New Delhi • Dr. Shantanu Sengupta – Nagpur • Dr. Sameer Shrivastava – New Delhi • Dr. Srikanth Sola – Bangalore • Dr. K.H. Srinivas – Bangalore • Dr. I.B.  Vijayalakshmi – Bangalore • Dr. Vijayraghanvan – Trivandrum • Dr. S.T. Yavagal – Bangalore

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Scientific Content Up to Date
Scientific Program:
Submission Info

Why Submit Your Work to the 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography?

The 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography offers opportunities for investigators to share important findings with colleagues and interact with global leaders in the field. Benefits of abstract acceptance include:

  •         Awareness – Accepted abstracts will be available on the conference web site before and after the meeting.
  •         Visibility – Experts in echocardiography from around the world will see your work and dedicated viewing times provide an opportunity for you to discuss it with faculty and attendees.
  •         Support – Presenting authors are eligible for a discounted conference registration fee.
  •         Recognition – Presented abstracts and cases will compete for Best Poster and Clinical Case Awards, recognizing the best work presented at the meeting.

Submission Categories
Abstracts will be considered for presentation in the following categories:

  •          Original Research
  •          Clinical Cases

Selection Process
Submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a panel of graders. Grading will be blinded and selections for presentation based solely on scientific merit.

Presentation Formats
Accepted abstracts will be scheduled for a poster presentation. Presenting authors will be required to attend their poster during dedicated poster viewing times. Exceptional abstracts may also be considered for an oral presentation during the educational sessions.

Editorial Guidelines for Presented Content:

Submission & Presentation Guidelines

General Information

  •          Authors do not need to be members of any of the echocardiography societies that make up the Consortium of Echocardiography Societies to participate.
  •          Abstract submission is free of charge. However, any expenses associated with the submission and presentation of an abstract (e.g., registration, airfare, and lodging) are the responsibility of the presenter.
  •          Presenting authors are eligible for a discounted conference registration fee.
  •          Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present if accepted. Failure to register for the meeting and present the accepted work, if not justified, will jeopardize future acceptance of abstracts by the Consortium of Echocardiography Societies.


Submission Details & Deadlines

  •          Abstract submission opens Friday, March 1, 2013.
  •          Abstracts must be submitted in their final form by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Friday, May 31, 2013.
  •          Notifications of acceptance status will be sent on Friday, July 12, 2013.
  •          Authors must follow all instructions for completing the online submission form.
  •          The Consortium of Echocardiography Societies is not responsible for work that is not submitted by the submission deadline. No new abstracts may be submitted after this deadline.


  •          After the submission deadline, abstracts will be forwarded to review.
  •          Submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a panel of graders and selections for presentation will be based solely on scientific merit.

Abstract Preparation Guidelines
Author Name(s)

  •          There is no limit to the number of abstracts an author may submit.
  •          If an author’s name appears on more than one abstract, it must be identical on each abstract.
  •          If an abstract is accepted for presentation, the presenter must be one of the authors listed on the work.
  •          Please do not list authors by initials only.

Content and Format

  •          Character limit – Abstracts are limited to 2,250 characters. This includes the text, but not the title or authors. The online submission site will automatically calculate an abstract’s characters and will notify the author if the submission exceeds the maximum character limit.
  •        Tables/Graphics – The use of up to two (2) tables and/or graphics are encouraged if they are relevant to the material submitted.
  •          Abbreviations – A maximum of five (5) unique abbreviations is allowed within the body of the abstract. No abbreviations should appear in the title. Place abbreviations in parentheses after the full word or phrase the first time it appears. Abbreviations increase the difficulty of reading and evaluating abstracts, which will be considered in the review process.
    o    Examples of proper abbreviations: 2D (not 2-D), 3D (not 3-D)
  •          Format –
    o    Original Research – Content should be structured into the following four (4) sections:
    o    Clinical Cases – Content should be structured into the following four (4) sections:
                            Clinical Presentation:
                            Imaging Findings:
                            Summary and Conclusion:
  •          Clarity of expression will be considered in the review process. The overall quality of language used should assure comprehension by the reader.
  •          Do not include:
    o    References, credits or grant support.
    o    Names or personal information of any patient participating in the study or trial. If you do, the abstract will not be considered for presentation.
    o    Authors or institutions in the title.
  •          Proofread abstracts carefully to avoid errors. The Consortium of Echocardiography Societies will never edit the scientific content of a submission. Nor will it make grammatical changes to a submission, including typographical errors. If accepted, the abstract will be distributed exactly as submitted.

Embargo Policy

  •          The submitting author acts on behalf of all co-authors and in submitting an abstract for consideration, agrees that if accepted the work is embargoed for release until date and time of presentation at the 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography. Information may not be released before then. Failure to honor the embargo policy will result in the abstract being withdrawn and barred from presentation.


  •          The Consortium of Echocardiography Societies will determine presentation time and format for all accepted work, based on the topic and relationship to others submitted.
  •          All presentations and question-and-answer periods will be in English. If presenters need assistance in understanding or responding to questions in English, they are encouraged to have a member of their research team assist them.
  •          Each presenting author is required to comply with the conference’s disclosure policy and is expected to disclose to the audience any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter of the activity. This pertains to relationships with pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation topic.
  •          Any additional or revised guidelines for abstract presentation will be provided to presenting authors of accepted abstracts in their notification materials.


  •          The submitter acts on behalf of all co-authors and in submitting an abstract, transfers to the Consortium of Echocardiography Societies the copyright and all other rights in the material comprising the abstract if the abstract is accepted. Co-authors reserve the following:
    o    All proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights;
    o    The right to use all or part of the abstract in future works of their own.
  •          The Consortium of Echocardiography Societies, as holder of the copyright of the accepted abstract, reserves all rights of reproduction, distribution, performance, display, and the right to create derivative works in both print and digital formats.

In light of increased attention to the manner in which research results (particularly those affecting the stock of publicly-traded companies) are made public, the Consortium of Echocardiography Societies states its policies and procedures regarding disclosure of abstracts:

  • All abstracts submitted are disclosed to members of the peer-review selection committee, as well as to employees and contractors as necessary in connection with the 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography program. Notwithstanding these policies and procedures, the organizing societies are not subject to any confidentiality requirements with respect to submitted abstracts. In addition, compliance with any disclosure or nondisclosure requirements that apply to researchers or research sponsors (whether under federal securities laws, contract agreement, or otherwise) is the sole responsibility of the researcher and/or sponsor, and not the Consortium of Echocardiography Societies.

Submission Withdrawal

  •          Abstract withdrawal requests should be emailed to Andrea Van Hoever at the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE). Please include your abstract’s title and the presenting author’s information in your request.
Sponsors Exhibitors
General Info

Industry Opportunities at World Summit

The 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography is an excellent opportunity for industry with a desire to expand their global presence, with exhibit rates starting at $3,000 USD. In addition to exhibiting opportunities, potential sponsorships include lunchtime or breakfast sessions, an attendee banquet or faculty dinner or other sponsorships tailored for interested industry. Please find the World Summit Industry Commitment form here. Join us for this historic summit and help set the global direction and standards in the use of cardiovascular ultrasound.

Taj Mahal

Exhibit Fees

Tariff for Exhibition Booths (2.5 days)

2X1 Meter
Reserved for not-for-profit organizations.
 USD $3,000
3×3 Meters  USD $7,000
6×3 Meters  USD $12,000






  The exhibit tariff includes the following:


  • Fabricated shell scheme using white Octonorm panels
  • Floor carpet within the stall
  • One table
  • Two chairs
  • Two or three spotlights, depending on the size of the stall
  • One facia name plate
  • One 15 amp electrical plug point


Session Sponsorships

Lunch Sessions (9 available) (potential attendance of 300)Unopposed (potential attendance of 1000)  USD $24,000USD $40,000
Breakfast Sessions (2 available – Saturday and Sunday)  (potential attendance of 200)  USD $12,000
Lunch Session + 3X3 Meter Booth  USD $28,000
Lunch Session + 6×3 Meter Booth  USD $30,000
Breakfast Session + 3X3 Meter Booth  USD $15,000
Breakfast Session + 6X3 Meter Booth  USD $20,000
Facuty Dinner + 6×3 Meter Booth  USD $50,000
Banquet + 6×3 Meter Booth  USD $75,000

Other sponsorships will be considered and can be tailored to your business.  View the World Summit Industry Commitment form here.  Contact Rhonda Price for more information or to secure your opportunity.  Within India, contact Dr. J.C. Mohan for industry opportunities.

Sponsors / Supporters


Exhibit hours, program

Exhibit Hours
25 October – 15:00-19:00
26 October – 10:00-18:00
27 October – 10:00-16:30

Organising Agency



Head Office 
A 56/12 DLF Phase 1
Gurgaon - 122002
Haryana, India 
T: + 91 124 463 6700 
F: + 91 124 410 2075

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