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3rd Asian EMS Conference 2014

Kala Academy * | Goa, INDIA
From 75 to 535 USD
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Title: 3rd Asian EMS Conference 2014
Specialty: , Dermatology
Dates: From Oct, 16, 2014 to Oct, 19, 2014
Location: Goa, INDIA
Type: Conference
Registration Cost: From 75 to 535 USD
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General Info
Event Venue:

Kala Academy *

GOA, INDIA Visit the Venue to read more
Event Overview
Welcome message:
Marcus subroto

Dear Delegates,

We welcome you to Goa, the land of sand and sea to ‘Learn, Unlearn and Relearn EMS’ in October 2014 at the 3rd Asian EMS Conference being hosted by Lifeline Foundation.

The 2014 Goan conference will be different from any other conference that you have ever attended. It is packaged to combine learning, business and a holiday.We will even host you, if you so desire! You can also get your spouse or companion to be part of the conference or walk the beaches, climb the hills, ride the waves or just be there with you! We will host him/her too! A lifetime opportunity, not to be missed!

It has long been accepted that EMS (Emergency Medical Services) needs its own space, separate from, yet closely associated with Emergency Medicine. Penang in September 2012 was the first big step when the 1st Asian EMS Conference was held under the auspices of the Asian EMS Council spearheading the Science of EMS in Asia. The 2nd edition will be held this April in Singapore.2014 will see the 3rd Asian EMS Conference, the official conference of the Asian EMS Council coming to the Indian shores of Goa.

The mega event will consist of 2 days of workshops followed by a 2 day conference, which will provide unique opportunity to beginners and practitioners alike.

The conference will bring diverse subjects like Standards and Standardization, Ambulance Design and Equipping, Administration, Co-ordination of Ambulance Service Providers in Disasters, Dealing with Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, Infection Control in ambulances, Paramedic Educational Systems and many other topics of interest, which are essential to build quality pre-hospital care.

The pre-conference workshops are designed for capacity building to strengthen and upgrade the skill-set of paramedics. The Goan coast will bring fresh and newer learning related to Water Rescue and Wilderness EMS, issues that have never been taught in this part of the world.

This event will see a gathering of

  • Paramedics
  • EMS providers
  • Pre-hospital care personnel
  • Medical Directors of EMS
  • Government stakeholders
  • Emergency Physicians
  • Trauma Surgeons
  • Critical Care experts
  • Multispecialty hospitals both in private and public sectors

who will have opportunity to interact and benefit from networking and experience sharing and research work in other countries having similar cultural and socio-economic environments.

It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to this 3rd EMS Asia Conference under the aegis of Asian EMS Council, which will be held in Goa in 2014. Please visit this web site for updates on scientific and workshop contents, authors, dates, venue and registration. Be there! Not alone! Register with your spouse or companion!

Marcus Ong
3rd Asian EMS Conference
Chairman, PAROS CRN
Subroto Das
Organising Secretary,
3rd Asian EMS Conference
&  Chair, South Asian Chapter, Asian EMS Council
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Kala Academy, 
Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, 
Campal Panjim, Goa 403001

16-19 October, 2014

Scientific Content Up to Date
Submission Info

EMS Asia 2014 Papers Presentation

Abstract Submission Rules and Guidelines

The Scientific Committee invites participants to submit their abstracts of original, unpublished research works, case reports and reviews for oral or poster presentations. Such work should be the result of original work and approved by your institution for presentation and subsequent publication if decided by organizing committee. Authors may be required to provide such undertaking.


1. Types of presentation

1.1 Authors should be prepared to do an oral presentation. The selection of paper for oral or poster presentation will be made by the Abstract Selection Committee.

1.2 Authors can submit papers under any one or more of the following three categories:

1.2.1 Research Paper: Such papers are based on observations of records of number of similar cases and attempting to draw conclusion and / or finding causal relationships in the given scenario.

1.2.2 Case Report: Such papers should be based on records of a case study actually observed or analyzed. It should highlight the procedure used, shortcoming or suggested improvement to improve the outcome.

1.2.3 Review Paper: Such papers include research carried out on the basis of review of scientific literature published in professional journals.  Author(s) must quote the literature surveyed. Based on the comparative findings, author(s) should provide their own conclusion.

1.3 Papers can be submitted on

1.3.1 Pre-hospital Cardiac Care

1.3.2 Pre-hospital Trauma

1.3.3 Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Systems

1.3.4 Emergency Medicine

1.4 Authors

1.4.1 There can be more than one author for  papers  submitted

1.4.2 Correspondence will be done with first authors only

1.4.3 All presenting authors will have to register for the conference

2. Abstract Receipt Confirmation

2.1 Upon submission, authors will receive an auto generated acknowledgement by mail.

2.2 Lack of confirmation will indicate that the abstract was not received.

2.3 Abstracts must be received by 15st August 2014

3. Notification of Acceptance

3.1 The presenting author of each abstract accepted for publication will be notified by email by 15th September 2014.

3.2 If the Presenting Author is unable to present the abstract, a co-author can take his/her place.  An e-mail letter from the presenting author informing about the change is requested and must be received by Conference Secretariat by 15th September 2014.

4. Withdrawal.

4.1 Submitted abstracts cannot be withdrawn.

5. Publication.

5.1 Abstracts may be published in the Conference Souvenir Programme and also in the Asian EMS Journal as submitted. Abstracts considered unsuitable for publication will not be published.

5.2 The Abstract Selection Committee reserves the right to modify the submitted text of abstracts to correct grammatical and sentence construction errors. Every effort will be made, in these instances, not to alter the meaning of the text.

5.3 Corresponding authors will be contacted for confirmation of the final version prior to publication.

5.4 Abstracts accepted for presentation will be published only if the Conference Registration fee has been paid.

B. How to submit Abstracts:

1. How to Submit:

1.1 Abstracts can only be submitted through e-mail in soft copy form.

1.2 Abstracts sent by post will not be accepted.

1.3 Authors can submit their abstracts online at

1.4 Do not attach more than one abstract in one e-mail. Use separate e-mail IDs for individual abstracts.

2. Abstract Structure:

2.1 Structure: Abstracts must be structured according to the format given below


A. Research Abstract B. Case Report Abstract C. Clinical Review Abstract
Title Title Title
Author(s) Author(s) Author(s)
Affiliation (Institute) Affiliation (Institute) Affiliation (Institute)
Introduction Introduction Introduction
Methods Case Presentation Review
Results Discussion Discussion
Discussion Lessons Learnt Conclusion


3. Abstract Content:

3.1 An abstract should not contain more than 250 words.

3.2 Tables and / or pictures cannot be inserted in the abstract.

3.3 All abstracts must be written in English.  

3.4 Titles should not contain more than 20 words. No abbreviations are to be used in the titles.

3.5 The preferred font is Arial with font size of 10.

4. Paper Presentation:

4.1 Organizational flow of presentation: Preferably, your presentation should be organized in following order with bulleted text and pictures where appropriate

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Introduction
  • Key Literature References
  • Research Questions/Case Study
  • Methods
  • Sample
  • Procedures
  • Measures
  • Results
  • Discussion/Conclusion
  • References
  • Contact Information

4.2 Oral Papers:

4.2.1 Presentation should only be made using Microsoft Power Point

4.2.2 All slides should contain bottom header indicating author and title of paper

4.2.3 Use a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial

4.2.4 Preferably use 36 points for title, 28 points for main point and 24 / 18 points for secondary points for ease of readability

4.2.5 Time allotted and presentation hall will be communicated prior to conference

4.2.6 Submit your presentation to Conference Secretariat two weeks prior to conference indicating software version used. We will upload presentation on conference computers to facilitate smooth transition between speakers

4.2.7 Please communicate to conference secretariat if you need any specific software for presentation. We will revert if it is not available and in such case you will have to make your own arrangement for presentation

4.2.8 Please bring your own soft copy of presentation to conference as a contingency on pen-drive or other suitable media

4.3 Poster Papers

4.3.1 Poster Size: Maximum-- 4.5 feet in height x 3 feet in length 

4.3.2 Title/Poster Number: Position - Across the top with poster number in right hand side corner

4.3.3 Authors/Institute: Names of all authors and the institution underneath title 

4.3.4 Presentation: Tables, charts, photographs, and the use of color are encouraged 

4.3.5 Font Size: Use font of 2 inch height for title andat least half inch height for text,  to permit easy readability

4.3.6 Mounting: Please bring pushpins / two sided tapes or other suitable mounting material for mounting your posters.

4.3.7 Hall/Poster Number:  Hall / Poster number for poster presentation will be communicated to you prior to conference. You will have to bring your poster and mounting material at least one day prior to conference day and place your poster.

4.3.8 Conference Secretariat will help you in setting up of your poster.


1. There shall be three prizes in each oral Presentation category - total 9 prizes; and three prizes in Poster presentation category.

2. All prizes may not be awarded in all categories if suitable entries are not found.

3. The Scientific committee’s decision regarding the acceptance of abstracts and award of prizes shall be final.

Sponsors Exhibitors
Organising Agency

Conference Secretariat 

Lifeline Foundation

E-501, Kalpavruksh,

Gotri Road,

Vadodara, 390021, Gujarat, India


Ms. Roochita Desai, Jt. Secretary

(M): +91 8980026004;

Time to Contact: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, IST




General inquiry:


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