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6th International Conference on Hematology 2016

Double Tree By Hilton Hotel | Orlando, USA
From 300 to 950 USD
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Title: 6th International Conference on Hematology 2016
Specialty: Hematology and Hemotherapy
Dates: From Oct, 3, 2016 to Oct, 5, 2016
Location: Orlando, USA
Type: Conference
Registration Cost: From 300 to 950 USD
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Event Venue:

Double Tree By Hilton Hotel

Orlando, USA Visit the Venue to read more
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6th International Conference on Hematology

Date:October 03-05, 2016

Venue:Orlando, Florida, USA

Hematology 2016 has been designed with many interesting and informative scientific sessions; it includes all possible aspects of Hematology research.


Erythrocytes are also known as red blood cells which carry oxygen to the body and collect carbon dioxide from the body by the use of hemoglobin and its life span of 120 days. along the side the leucocytes helps in protecting the healthy cells because the W.B.C (leucocytes) act as the defending cells in protecting the immune system from the foreign cells. These leucocytes are multipotent cells in bone marrow and there life span is of 3-4 days where the yellow blood cells are called as thrombocytes they are where small and irregular in shape they have life span of 5-9 days they are mostly seen in mammals they help in clotting of blood which are in fibrin form called as thrombosis these lead to heart stroke, blockage of blood in blood mostly in arms and legs. where C.B.C is known as complete blood count is done to know the number of cells in a body these are mainly done by lab technician presently they are been tested by automatic analyzer the high and low amount of cells will lead to many diseases. Decrease of R.B.C  in the body these causes of anemia which leads to weakness, feeling of tired, shortness of breath and person will be noticeably pale. Formation of blood cellular components are called as Hematopoiesis and all the cellular blood components are derived from hematopoiesis stem cells in a healthy individual nearly 1011–1012  new blood cells are produced these help in steady peripheral circulation. If there is a increases of R.B.C in the body these causes polycythemia these can be measured through hematocrit level.

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Blood Disorders

Hemophilia A is a genetic deficiency in clotting factor VIII, which causes increased bleeding and usually affects males. About 70% of the time it is inherited as an X-linked recessive trait, but around 30% of cases arise from spontaneous mutations. Hemophilia B  is a blood clotting disorder caused by a mutation of the factor IX gene, leading to a deficiency of factor IX. It is the second-most common form of haemophilia, rarer than haemophilia A. It is sometimes called Christmas disease, named after Stephen Christmas, the first patient described with this disease.In addition, the first report of its identification was published in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal. Hemophilia C  is a mild form of haemophilia affecting both sexes. However, it predominantly occurs in Jews of Ashkenazi descent. It is the fourth most common coagulation disorder after von Willebrand's disease and haemophilia A and B. In the USA it is thought to affect 1 in 100,000 of the adult population, making it 10% as common as haemophilia A. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), also known as immune thrombocytopenia, primary immune thrombocytopenia,primary immune thrombocytopenic purpura or autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura, is defined as isolated low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) with normal bone marrow and the absence of other causes of thrombocytopenia Von Willebrand diseases is the most common hereditary coagulation abnormality described in humans. Platelets also called "thrombocytes" are blood cells whose function (along with the coagulation factors) is to stop bleeding by clumping and clogging blood vessel injuries. Platelets have no cell nucleus: Coagulation is highly conserved throughout biology; in all mammals, coagulation involves both a cellular (platelet) and a protein (coagulation factor) component and these are occoured due to genetic blood disorders

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Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

Orlando Airport

5555 Hazeltine National Drive

Orlando, Florida, 32812, USA

TEL: +1-407-856-0100 FAX: +1-407-855-7991

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