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Annual Summit on Pathology 2019

Grand Hyatt Tokyo | Tokyo, JAPAN
From 450 to 550 USD
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Title: Annual Summit on Pathology 2019
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Dates: From Apr, 17, 2019 to Apr, 18, 2019
Location: Tokyo, JAPAN
Type: Summit
Registration Cost: From 450 to 550 USD
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Event Venue:

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Tokyo, JAPAN Visit the Venue to read more
Concerned Audience:
  • Medical_Professionals
  • Medical_students
  • Nurses
Event Overview
Welcome message:

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to cordially welcome you all to the International Conference on Clinical & Medical Microbiology scheduled during February 27-28, 2019 at Paris, France. This year's theme of this international conference will be:


Microbiology in 2019 will no longer be reserved for specialists confined in their laboratory playing with bacteria or viruses, or reserved for writers of crime novels writing disaster scenarios.

Microbiology has indeed invaded the public domain, our radios and our television screens.

This congress: International Conference on Clinical & Medical Microbiology, will bring you the necessary tools to train you but also to be able to answer to a patient sensitized and informed more or less well by the scientific journalists

Who has not listened or seen a show on the Microbiota? Who has not seen an article or a book on this topic?

Microbes, long seen as a threat to our survival, are gradually becoming "that friend who wants us well" and more. This is what we will try to make you feel and understand, especially if you come to

 International Conference on Clinical & Medical Microbiology

 Our sixth sense is microbial

4 billion years during which bacteria have reigned supreme. A little oxygen and life appeared, more and more complex with uninterrupted exchanges that transformed 2 isolated cells into sophisticated organisms for hundreds of thousands of years and for man we now know that we exist since 800,000 years old. With long periods of exchange exploration with the surrounding environment, the contact with the outside environment was made by the vision, smell, taste, hearing, and tact.

But the best, the most important contact with Nature was through this important surface that represents the intestinal wall. Billions of bacteria line this wall which transforms the intestine into a tremendous DATA of immunological, neurological hormonal information regulating all the metabolism of our body:

• The intestinal microbiota is the group of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts) living in our gut.

• Microbiota and Metagenomics are the two trend words of recent years in microbiology laboratories. With them we can find the answers to many diseases such as diabetes, Crohn's disease, schizophrenia and even autism.

• DATA of microbial, biological and neuro-hormonal information that will require dozens and dozens of years of research says the famous Pr Cani

More and more studies confirm the role played by the Microbiota, and as many confirm the role of Mitochondria. But the most interesting studies show the intimate relations that exist between Microbiota and Mitochondria; and that if one wants to intervene on the cell and the Mitochondria, one must intervene on the Microbiota. And the latest discoveries show the possibility of acting on the Microbiota simply by changing the food intake. The food becomes a metabolic modulator, the food can become a therapeutic mediator.

Take the case of immunology, where the role of the Microbiota becomes paramount, I lived during my 50 years of medicine the first period where the diversified diet started very early in the life of the infant. The introduction in the 6th month of different foods, should allow the immune system to get used to these foreign bodies that represent the food tested by the infant. Then came the second period, when it was not necessary to stimulate the immune system of the infant for fear of triggering chain reactions in the lymphoid tissue present behind the intestinal barrier, or better present in the intestinal barrier and representing nearly 70% lymphoid tissue. Indeed the intestinal barrier, we can represent it by 4 protective measures that Nature had taken 1. The thick Mucus, carpet 2. The Microbiota with multiple actions on which we will not extend, insist on its action metabolism throughout our body and on its defense against pathogens that has just been demonstrated by the demonstration of toxic and destructive "crossbows" launched against pathogenic bacteria. The speed of manufacture is tiny and very quickly reproducible if persistence of the danger. 3. The intestinal mucosa itself 4. The intestinal lymphoid tissue responsible for producing 70% of the immune secretion of the whole organism.

That's all that can be discussed during this International Conference on Clinical & Medical Microbiology.

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