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Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences * | Grenoble, FRANCE
From 600 to 600 USD
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Specialty: , Neurology
Dates: From Sep, 23, 2013 to Sep, 27, 2013
Location: Grenoble, FRANCE
Type: Course
Registration Cost: From 600 to 600 USD
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Event Venue:

Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences *

Grenoble, FRANCE Visit the Venue to read more
Event Overview
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The course will give an overview of the main methods for functional brain connectivity analysis in task-related and resting-state fMRI.

After the course, attendees be able to select the appropriate approach (model or data driven), and software tool to analyze a neuroimaging data set. They will also be able to choose the optimal protocol for MRI data acquisition for resting state of task-related fMRI studies.

Designed to help students, clinicians and neuroscience investigators in planning and analyzing fMRI studies, this course includes both presentations of theoretical background issues along with practical demonstrations and exercises for each technique discussed.

Thematology / Presented Topics:
  • Dynamic Causal Modeling (DCM)
  • Psycho-Physiological Interactions (PPI)
  • Seed-based Functional Connectivity (Connectivity Toolbox)
  • Independent Component Analysis (GIFT)
  • Graph Theory (Brainwaver)

Sophie Achard (GIPSA-Lab Grenoble France)
Elena Allen(Mind Research Network USA)
Olivier David (Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences France)
Darren Gitelman (Northwestern University Chicago USA)
Jérémie Mattout (CNRS Lyon France)
Thomas Zeffiro (NSG, MGH, Boston, MA)

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Contact: , Neurometrika

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