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EMRI Course: Basic MRI Physics

TBA Lodz | Lodz, POLAND
From 195 to 295 USD
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Title: EMRI Course: Basic MRI Physics
Specialty: Radiology
Dates: From Sep, 21, 2015 to Sep, 25, 2015
Location: Lodz, POLAND
Type: Course
Registration Cost: From 195 to 295 USD
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General Info
Event Venue:

TBA Lodz

Lodz, POLAND Visit the Venue to read more
Concerned Audience:
  • Medical_Professionals
  • Medical_students
  • Nurses
Event Overview
Welcome message:

A Welcome from the President

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), because of its biological safety in man, plus its superior anatomical display, has aready evolved to become one of the most important medical imaging method. Since the cost of MRI equipment has decreased substantially, there is an increasing number of hospitals using MRI.

The course aims at providing a common education to the increasing number of European radiologists and of the medical practitioners who will use MRI. It achieves this by the implementation of a course for radiologists or non-radiologists, who are interested in MRI and have basic MRI-knowledge. The position of MRI in the daily routine work in comparison to other modalities will be discussed.

An added benefit of the course is to foster understanding and respect among radiologists from the various European countries: teachers of different nationalities learn to work together in forming a new common European standard of knowledge and practice, while the students help in disseminating this standard. Although these courses are mainly professional, they also give ample opportunity to the attendees to get in touch with the different social, cultural and historical environments available in Europe.
The course comprises one week modules of 40 hours. Several courses have only 3 or 4 days and accordingly only 30 hours. The number of students allowed per module is restricted. Teaching includes formal lectures, reading sessions, seminars and self-teaching sessions. The students are evaluated at the end of each module. The University organising a module awards a certificate to the successful students. The Erasmus Course certificate is awarded to those having successfully completed the whole course, the Neuro-certificate is awarded to those having successful completed the Head & Neck, Central Nervous System I and II-modules.


The Erasmus course on Magnetic Resonance Imaging was founded in 1991, since then some 150 modules were organised and approximately 6000 radiologists participated in one or more modules.

We hope that the meeting of highly motivated students and teachers in a variety of European Universities will result in the creation of a high standard of MRI practice within Europe.

J.L. Bloem
EMRI President

Download pdf: EMRI in short


President; Prof. Dr. Hans Bloem, Leiden (

Vice-President Prof. Dr. Paul Parizel, Antwerpen (

Treasurer: Jan Casselman, Brugge (

Secretary: Maryam Shahabpour, Brussels (

Counsellors: Rosella Fattori, Bologna (, Tarek Yousri, London (, Co-opted board member: Herwig Imhof (


Module coordinators
1. Basic MRI Physics-module: Yves Fierens (Brussels), Steven Sawiak (Cambridge)
2. Cardiovascular MRI module: Albert de Roos (Leiden), Hildo Lamb (Leiden), Christian Loewe (Vienna)
3. Musculoskeletal MRI-module : Maryam Shahabpour (Brussels), Hans Bloem (Leiden), Herwig Imhof (Vienna), Mark Davies (Birmingham)
4. Abdominal MRI-modul: Frederik Vandenbroucke (Brussels), Giuseppe Brancatelli (Palermo)
5. Head and Neck MRI-module : Jan Casselman (Bruges), Christian Czerny (Vienna), Agnieszka Trojanowska (Lublin), Alexandra Borges (Lisbon)
6. Breast MRI-module: Tadeusz Stadnik (Brussels), Thomas Helbich (Vienna)
7. Central Nervous System I-module : Ph. Demaerel (Leuven), Jennifer Linn (München)
8. Central Nervous System II-module : Paul Parizel (Antwerp), G. Pellicano (Firenze)

Honorary Member: P. Beeckman (Brussels)

Members are :

for the Basic MRI Physics-module : 
J.D. de Certaines (Rennes), T.A. Carpenter (Cambridge), R.A. Lerski (Dundee), R. Luypaert (Brussels), P. Van Hecke (Leuven), A. Materka (Lodz), A. Santos (Madrid)

for the Angiography, Cardiovascular MRI and Interventional applications-module: 
A. de Roos (Leiden), C. Loewe (Vienna)

for the Musculoskeletal MRI-module : 
J.L. Bloem (Leiden), M. Shahabpour (Brussels), A.M. Davies (Birmingham), H. Imhof (Vienna), E. Llopis San Juan (Valencia), F. Kainberger (Vienna), S. Belan (Bratislava)

for the Abdominal MRI-module : 
C. Bartolozzi (Pisa), J.C. Kurdziel (Luxembourg), B. Marincek (Zurich), B. Op de Beeck (Antwerp), R. Pozzi-Mucelli (Verona), Th. Helmberger (Munich), C. Faletti (Torino)

for the Head and Neck MRI-module : 
J. Casselman (Bruges), H. Imhof (Vienna), M. Lemort (Brussels), S. Louryan (Brussels), A. Borges (Lissabon)

for the Breast MRI-module: 
T. Stadnik (Brussels),  T. Helbich (Vienna), B. Boné (Stockholm), M. Sentis (Barcelona), Chr. Czerny (Vienna)

for the Central Nervous System I-module : 
Ph. Demaerel (Leuven), F. Barkhof (Amsterdam), R. von Kummer (Dresden), T. Yousri (London), A. Drevelegas (Thessaloniki)

for the Central Nervous System II-module : 
P.M. Parizel (Antwerp), G. Pellicano (Firenze), U. Salvolini (Ancona), D. Balériaux (Brussels), K. Karlinger (Budapest).

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General Info:

The online pre-registration form will be forwarded to the local organiser.

Final registration will be confirmed after payment of the registration fee and acceptance by the local organizer.

Professional requirements : radiologists, MDs, and other medical imaging professionals.

Participants who do not have advanced knowledge of the basic physics in MRI, are suggested to participate in the module Basic MRI Physics.



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tba Lodz, Poland
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Organising Agency

Walter Rijsselaere


Dept. of Radiology

UZ Brussel

Laarbeeklaan 101

1090 Brussels




T: ++32 2 477 53 22

F: ++32 2 477 53 62

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