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From 2405 to 2405 EUR
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Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dates: From Sep, 4, 2017 to Sep, 6, 2017
Location: Strasbourg , FRANCE
Type: Course
Registration Cost: From 2405 to 2405 EUR
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STRASBOURG , FRANCE Visit the Venue to read more
Concerned Audience:
  • Medical_Professionals
  • Medical_students
  • Nurses
Event Overview
Welcome message:

To review the different options for pathophysiology

To understand the different classifications and their limits

To be able to refer the patients who need bowel resection

To know the guidelines for ablation of severe endometriosis

To understand the complications, their management and prevention

To know the prognosis and the postoperative management

M.S. Abrao BR. N.R. Abu-Rustum US A. D. Adamson US A. L. Adamyan RU. K. Afors UK. C.Y. Akladios F. J. Albornoz CL. J. Alcocer MX. J. Alves PT. S. Angioni I. I. Argay HUN. A. Arias VEN. F. Asencio BR. A. Audebert F. P. Ayrosa Galvao Ribeiro BR. S. Barata PT. F. Barbieri I. P. Bartos CZ. E. Baulon F. A. Beliard B. S. Bettocchi I. V. Bezhenar RU. B. Blanc F. P. Bonnet B. R. Botchorishvili F. A.Brill US A. H. Brolmann NL. P. Brooks US A. S. Brucker D. M. Busacca I. R. Campo B. M. Candiani I.M. Canis F. J. Carvalho PT. J. Castellano VEN. M. Ceccaroni I. V. Cela I. G. Centini I.C. Chapron F. I. Chua SIN. D. Cibula CZ. P. Collinet F. M. Cosson F. S. Courdier F. L. Cravello F. G. Cuccinella I. E. Darai F. P. Debodinance F. A. De Bruin SAF.C. De Cicco I. F. De Cicco I. M. Degueldre B. V. Delmas F. J. Dequesne CH. P. Descamp F. C. Di Stefano I. J. Donnez B. J.M. Dreyfus F. J.B. Dubuisson CH. J. Einarsson US A. C. Exacoustos I. E. Faller F. J. Faria PT. A. Fauconnier F. R. Fernandes BR. C. Fernandez CL. E. Fernandez CL. H. Fernandez F. H. Ferreira Carvalho PT. G. Ferron F. A. Fiaccavento I. V. Frenna I. A. Furtado Lima PT. B. Gabriel D. O. Garbin F. R. Garry UK. P. George B. J. Gilabert-Estelles SP. G. Giraudet F. M. Goldenberg ISR. V. Gomel CAN. T. Gurgan TUR. N. Habib LEB. C. Haddad BR. D. Hamid F. J. Hamou F. J. Hourcabie F. M. Hummel F. M. Ibrahim EGY. K. Isaacson US A. O. Istre NOR. B. Jacquetin F. G. Janik US A. J. Keckstein A. S. Kennedy UK. A. Kent UK. S. Kiselev RU. C. Koh US A. P. Koninckx B. E. Kovoor UK. F. Kridelka B. P. Laberge CAN. A. Lam AUS . S. Landi I. A. Langebrekke NOR. J.F. Lapray F. E. Leblanc F. F. Lecuru F. C-L. Lee TW. T. Lee US A. L. Leo I. A. Liceaga Fuentes MEX. P. Litta I. C.Y. Liu US A. F. Loffer US A. A. Luciano US A. T. Lyons US A. P. Madelenat F. G. Mage F. A. Magos UK. J. Magrina US A. P. Maher A. S. Maia PT. M. Malzoni I. P.S Mangeshikar IND. H. Manhes F. R. Marana I. R. Mashiach ISR. S. Mashiach ISR. J.E. McVeigh UK. G. Mellier F. L. Mencaglia I. L. Mereu I. L. Mettler D. C. Meza Paul VEN. J. Miklos US A. R. Milani I. C.E. Miller US A. L. Minelli I. I. Miranda Mendoza CL. R. Modi IND. M. Moore US A. M. Mueller CH. R. Murtada F. F. Narducci F. R. Nasir UAE J. Nassif LEB. J. Navarro-Pando SP. K. Neis D. P. Nervo BE. Ca. Nezhat US A. Ce. Nezhat US A. F. Nehzat US A. I. Nisand F. M. Nisolle B. P. O’Donovan UK. F. Osorio PT. R. Pasic US A. F. Pierre F. G. Pistofidis GR. C. Pomel F. A. Popov RU. M. Possover D.J.L. Pouly F. M. Puga CL. S. Puntambekar IND. D. Querleu F. B. Rabischong F. J. Raiga MON. D. Raudrant F. C. Redondo SP. D. Redwine US A. H. Reich US A. B. Rodriguez F. H. Roman F. C. Rongieres F. A. Rossetti I. R. Rovira SP. C. Roy F. P. Sagot F. M. Salvatores I. J. Santiago Garcia SP. F. Sbano I. S. Scambia I. S. Schettini I. L. Schindler F. L. Schwartz F. D. Seidman ISR. A. Setubal PT. S. Shtyrov RU. O. Sizzi I. E.F. Solomayer D. D. Soriano ISR. A. Stepanian US A. C. Sutton UK. A. Ternamian CAN. F. Thaveau F. V. Thoma F. R. Tozzi I. P. Trompoukis GR. A. Tsunoda BR. A. Ussia I. I. Van Der Wat SAF. B. Van Herendael B. A. Vazquez Rodriguez SP. L. Videla-Rivero ARG. P. Von Theobald F. D. Wallwiener D. N. Waters AUS . A. Watrelot F. J.M. Wenger CH. R. Zaccoletti I. C. Zacharopoulou GR. F. Zullo I. E. Zupi I.
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You will stay in Strasbourg's most charming 4* hotel, close to the picturesque "Petite France" historical area. Located 50 meters away from the IRCAD, the HARAS HOTEL**** will also accommodate the IRCAD faculty.

Including 3 nights in the HARAS HOTEL****, breakfast and city tax included:

Arrival2017, September 03} in asingle room

double room

Departure2017, September 06

Add an extra night after (Departure: 2017, September 07)

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. If the HARAS HOTEL is fully booked, alternative 4* enchanting hotel will be reserved.

Deadline for hotel bookings is 10 days before the course. After this date, IRCAD cannot guarantee room availability.

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Institut de Recherche Contre les Cancers de l'Appareil Digestif Training Centre

Phone: 011-33-3-8811-9059

Fax: 011-33-3-8811-9028


Organising Agency

Institut de Recherche Contre les Cancers de l'Appareil Digestif Training Centre

Phone: 011-33-3-8811-9059

Fax: 011-33-3-8811-9028


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