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IAP 2013: Joint Meeting of the International Association of Pancreatology & the Korean Pancreatobiliary Association

Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel * | Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
From 100 to 500 USD
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Title: IAP 2013: Joint Meeting of the International Association of Pancreatology & the Korean Pancreatobiliary Association
Specialty: , Gastroenterology
Dates: From Sep, 4, 2013 to Sep, 7, 2013
Location: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Type: Meeting
Registration Cost: From 100 to 500 USD
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Weather Info (monthly averages) Max Temperature: C / F Min Temperature: C / F The above data in our Weather Info table are temperature predictions for the date of the medical event for Seoul, South korea.
General Info
Event Venue:

Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel *

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA Visit the Venue to read more
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Event Overview
Welcome message:

On behalf of the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) and Korean Pancreatobiliary Association (KPBA), we would like to welcome all of you to the Joint meeting of IAP and KPBA 2013. Under the theme of “Integrated Approaches to the Pancreas: Basic Science and Cutting-edge Practice”, this four-day meeting will take place in Seoul, Korea on September 4-7, 2013.

IAP & KPBA 2013 will deal with a variety of topics from basic research to clinical practice for pancreatic diseases and will bring together physicians and researchers interested in the pancreas from all over the world. The scientific programs including live demonstrations of endoscopic and surgical procedures will demonstrate the cutting-edge information and practice as well as the latest advances on clinical and basic research for the pancreatic diseases.

We will invite a number of prominent key figures worldwide to this four-day meeting. They will provide an excellent platform for delegates to learn the latest groundbreaking research and the most up-to-date evidence-based diagnosis and management of pancreatic diseases. In addition, the world’s top pharmaceutical companies will also join the exhibition program of the meeting and display the latest pharmaceutical trend of pancreatic-disease cure. It will be a good opportunity for those who wish to build and expand the research and business network.

We believe that IAP & KPBA 2013 will help all our participants to open and deepen friendship and to experience the cultural and historical heritage of Korea. Renowned with the long legacy of history and the reputation as one of the world’s top modern cities, you will find both the past and the future here in Seoul. We will do our best for the successful meeting and your valuable time. We really hope you will join the meeting and have a memorable time in Seoul this September.


Australia Apte, Minoti University of New South Wales
Wilson, Jeremy University of New South Wales
China Wang, Huaizhi Third Military Medical University
France Lévy, Philippe Beaujon Hospital
Germany Büchler, Markus University of Heidelberg
Lerch, Markus Maximillian University of Greifswald
Pavel, Marianne Charite University
Rau, Bettina M University of Rostock
Hungary Hegyi, Peter University of Szeged
India Garg, Pramod Kumar All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Italy Falconi, Massimo Marche Polytechnic University
Frulloni, Luca University of Verona
Japan Akihiro, Cho Chiba Cancer Center Hospital
Furukawa, Katsunori Chiba University
Ishiguro, Hiroshi Nagoya University
Kamisawa, Terumi Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital
Kimura, Wataru Yamagata University
Mizuno, Nobumasa Aichi Cancer Center
Nakamura, Yoshiharu Nippon Medical School
Nakao, Akimasa Nagoya Central Hospital
Notohara, Kenji Kurashiki Central Hospital
Okazaki, Kazuichi Kansai Medical University
Shimosegawa, Tooru Tohoku University
Sumi, Shoichiro Kyoto University
Takaori, Kyoichi Kyoto University
Tanaka, Masao Kyushu University
Yamaguchi, Koji University of Occupational and Environmental Health
Spain Hidalgo, Manuel Spanish National Cancer Center
Sweden Öberg, Kjell Uppsala University
Segersvärd, Ralf Karolinska University
Ukraine Gubergrits, Natalya B. Donetsk National Medical University
USA Adsay, Volkan Emory University
Chari, Suresh T. Mayo Clinic
Conwell, Darwin Harvard Medical School
Fernandez-del Castillo, Carlos Harvard Medical School
Freeman, Martin University of Minnesota
Lee, John UC Irvine Medical Center
Pandol, Stephen UCLA
Pitman, Martha Bishop Harvard Medical School
Sahin-Toth, Miklos Boston University
Saif, Wasif M. Tufts University
Saluja, Ashok University of Minnesota
Sarmiento, Juan M. Emory University
Simeone, Diane University of Michigan
Singh, Vijay University of Pittsburgh
Urrutia, Raul Mayo Clinic
Whitcomb, David University of Pittsburgh
Williams, John University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Wolfgang, Christopher L. Johns Hopkins Hospital
Zyromski, Nicholas J. Indiana University
Korea Cheon, Young Koog Konkuk University
Cho, Baik Hwan Chonbuk National University
Cho, Young Deok Soon Chun Hyang University
Choi, Dong Wook Sungkyunkwan University
Choi, Seong Ho Sungkyunkwan University
Choi, Ho Soon Hanyang University
Chung, Jae Bok Yonsei University
Dong, Seok Ho Kyung Hee University
Han, Ho Seong Seoul National University
Heo, Jin-Seok Sungkyunkwan University
Hong, Seung-Mo University of Ulsan
Jang, Jin Young Seoul National University
Jang , Kee-Taek Sungkyunkwan University
Kang, Dae Hwan Pusan National University
Kang, Chang Moo Yonsei University
Kim, Kyung Hwan Yonsei University
Kim, Myung-Hwan University of Ulsan
Kim, Sun-Joo Soon Chun Hyang University
Kim, Sun-Whe Seoul National University
Kim, Song Cheol University of Ulsan
Kim, Yong Tae Seoul National University
Kim, Eun Young Catholic University of Daegu
Kim, Jin Hong Ajou University
Kim, Chang Duck Korea University
Kim, Tae Nyeun Yeungnam University
Kim, Tae Hyeon Wonkwang University
Kim, Hyeyoung Yonsei University
Kim, Ho Gak Catholic University of Daegu
Kim, Hong-Jin Yeungnam University
Lee, Kwang Hyuck Sungkyunkwan University
Lee, Kyu Taek Sungkyunkwan University
Lee, DongKi Yonsei University
Lee, Min Goo Yonsei University
Lee, Sang Soo University of Ulsan
Lee, Sung Koo University of Ulsan
Lee, Seung-Ok Chonbuk National University
Lee, Woo Jung Yonsei University
Lee, Woo Jin National Cancer Center
Lee, Jong Kyun Sungkyunkwan University
Lee, Jin Hallym University
Lee, Hong Sik Korea University
Lim, Tae Jin Keimyung University
Moon, Sung-Hoon Hallym University
Moon, Young Soo Inje University
Moon, Jong Ho Soon Chun Hyang University
Oh, Hyoung-Chul Chung-Ang University
Park, Do Hyun University of Ulsan
Park, Chung-Gyu Seoul National University
Park , Young Suk Sungkyunkwan University
Ryu, Ji Kon Seoul National University
Seo, Dong Wan University of Ulsan
Shim, Chan Sup Konkuk University
Song, Si Young Yonsei University
Song, Tae Jun Inje University
Yoo, Byung Moo Ajou University
Yoon, Dong Sup Yonsei University
Yoon, Sung Su Yeungnam University
Yoon, Yoo-Seok Seoul National University

Registration Not yet available Register Now

We offer our participants with prestigious quality accommodation at special discount rates. Please fill in the online reservation form. As the hotel rooms during the congress days are in high demand, please meet the required reservation deadlines by July 31, 2013

For your reservation, please click ‘Online Reservation’ on the menu bar not website of each hotel.

Invitation Letter
Should you need an invitation letter, contact the secretariat at
The invitation letter is not a commitment on the part of organizer to provide any financial support. If you need to receive a notarized invitation letter for visa, submit your request to the secretariat via e-mail by June 30, 2013. It will be mailed within a week after confirmation of your full payment. It will cost USD60 for notary service fee with postage. The notarized invitation letter will not be issued without registration and full payment.

Scientific Content Up to Date
Scientific Program:
Submission Info

Scientists, investigators, researchers and others in related fields are invited to submit a scientific abstract for Oral or Poster on the original research, case series, or single case report. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee according to the topic categories. Abstract submission does not constitute registration for the conference and presenters are required to register for the meeting separately.

Abstracts should be made on-line abstract submission system at no later than April 30, 2013 May 15, 2013. Abstracts sent by fax or mail will not be accepted.

Topic Categories
Basic Science
Pancreatitis – Experimental
Pancreatitis – Clinical, Acute
Pancreatitis - Clinical, Chronic
Pancreatic Cancer – Experimental
Pancreatic Cancer – Clinical
Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasm
Pancreatic Surgery - neoplasm
Pancreatic Surgery - non-neoplasm

Sponsors Exhibitors
General Info

IAP & KPBA 2013 offers you with opportunity to join our sponsorship & exhibition to advertise your company, products and services to the participants from industry, academia, research institutes and government throughout the world.
IAP & KPBA 2013 sponsorship & exhibition will help businesses to enhance their corporate image and will also reinforce the leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry.
If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact the congress secretariat. IAP & KPBA 2013 Secretariat
Tel: +82 2 2269 4381
Fax: +82 2 2269 4380

Exhibition & Advertisement Category Size Price
Exhibition (Space Only) 3m (w)x2m(d) KRW 10,000,000 (per booth)
Advertisement in Proceedings A4 1page (inside) KRW 5,000,000

Application Deadline
March 31, 2013
Exhibition Information
Date : September 5 ~7, 2013
Venue : Grand Hall, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel
Booth Size : 3m (width) x 2m (depth)
Floor plan and the details regarding booth installation will be uploaded later.
At least 50% of total fee should be paid at the time of application.
Final payment should be completed before July 31, 2013
Bank Account InformationAccount Holder Korean Pancreatobiliary Association (대한췌담도학회)
Account Number 692-20-051846
Bank Standard Chartered

Organising Agency

Secretariat Convention PM


Tel: +88-2-2269-4381

Tel: +88-2-2269-4380


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