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Loews Coronado Bay Resort * | San diego, USA
From 625 to 725 USD
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Specialty: Internal Medicine
Dates: From Jul, 28, 2016 to Jul, 30, 2016
Location: San diego, USA
Type: Conference
Registration Cost: From 625 to 725 USD
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General Info
Event Venue:

Loews Coronado Bay Resort *

San Diego, USA Visit the Venue to read more
Concerned Audience:
  • Medical_Professionals
  • Medical_students
  • Nurses
Event Overview
Welcome message:

This conference is designed to provide primary care practitioners with up-to-date, evidence-based information on commonly encountered Cardiology, Geriatrics, and Pain Management medical issues, while suggesting pragmatic approaches to clinical management. The discussion-based format of the conference will encourage audience participation through dynamic interactive lectures and case-based studies. Our national speakers will present and critically assess recent advancements and industry updates in Cardiology, Geriatrics, and Pain Management for primary care, with the goal of enhancing the knowledge should improve attendees’ confidence in base and core competence of attendees. The successful completion of this interactive program diagnosing, treating, and prescribing the most effective courses of treatment, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

Target Audience 

Family Physicians and all Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals seeking clinical information about Cardiology, Geriatrics, and Pain Management issues.


Our presenting national faculty speakers made it their professional goals to enhance the training of primary care healthcare professionals. This Continuing Medical Education program promises to help learn the most current, best medicine, and techniques for making the diagnosis easier and quicker during a 20 minute office visit.

Topics and Objectives 

Multimorbidity: Discussing Goals of Care and Challenging Decision Making 

Objectives: 1) Illustrate the four principles of clinical ethics 2) Discuss principles of shared decision-making and challenges to achieving this 3) Define the “technological imperative” and how it applies to care of seriously ill patients 4) Interpret preferences regarding survival, quality of life, and costs to patients in determining optimal patient-centered outcomes

Communication Regarding Advance Care Planning in the Elderly 

Objectives: 1) Define comprehensive palliative care and how it differs from hospice 2) Discuss communication strategies for breaking bad news 3) Discuss advance care planning with focus on orders for life-sustaining treatment, surrogate decision making and resuscitation status

Geriatric Syndromes and Geriatric Assessment

Objectives: 1) Describe the concept of a geriatric syndrome and be able to identify the frail elderly patient 2) Learn to incorporate assessments of frailty, disability and prognosis into the care plan for an individual elderly patient 3) Outline a holistic approach to the care of the frail older adult

Dementia—Evaluation and Management

Objectives: 1) Define dementia and describe the major types of dementia 2) Discuss 2-3 quick office-based screening tools 3) Describe current evidence on pharmacological management of Alzheimer’s disease 4) Discuss the guidelines for the pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) 5) Describe other aspects of management of dementia patients and their families including management of comorbid conditions, family education, and advance care planning 6)Describe common prognostic scales for patients with dementia—including the Mitchell Mortality Index and the FAST Score

Delirium and Depression in the Elderly

Objectives: 1) Become familiar with the diagnosis of major depression and its epidemiology in older adults 2) Discuss 2 quick office-based screening tools 

3) Review evidence-based pharmacological and non-pharmacological management strategies 4) Differentiate depression from dementia and delirium (3Ds)

Atrial fibrillation: Practical Management, Monitoring, and Anticoagulation Options

Objectives: To understand the risk of thromboembolism in AF 2) To understand the importance of detecting asymptomatic AF in patients with stroke 3) To understand the device-detected AF - What to do? 4) To understand newer anticoagulants

Cardiac Imaging: A Multimodality Overview for the Internal Medicine Practitioner

Objectives: 1) To understand the basics of echocardiography, coronary CT, cardiovascular MRI, and SPECT

Aortic Stenosis: An Old Disease with New Treatment Options

Objectives: 1) To understand the basic pathophysiology of AS 2) To understand the newer concepts in timing of valve replacement, role of stress testing, and biomarkers 3) To understand transcatheter aortic valve intervention: How is it done, how does it compare with surgical AVR, and whom to refer?

Mitral Regurgitation: Contemporary Diagnosis, Follow-up and Treatment

Objectives: 1) To understand the basic pathophysiology and natural history of MR 2) To understand the newer concepts in timing of valve surgery and benefits of early referral 3) To understand the current and future roles of transcatheter mitral valve intervention

Office Management of Heart Failure: Focus on the Geriatric Population

Objectives: 1) To understand the specifics of diagnosis of CHF in the elderly 2) To understand the common causes of CHF exacerbation in geriatric populations 3) To understand the lifestyle modification and drug therapy of CHF with emphasis on the elderly

Office Treatment of Resistant Hypertension

Objectives: 1) To understand the differentiating resistance from pseudoresistance 2) To understand the rational drug therapy of resistant hypertension 3) To understand the emerging non-pharmacological therapies for resistant hypertension, such as renal denervation

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Coronado/San Diego, California - Loews Coronado Bay Resort
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