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Palais des congrès de Montréal (Montreal Convention Centre) # | Montreal, CANADA
From 100 to 600 USD
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Specialty: , Internal Medicine, Neurology, Other Specialties
Dates: From Oct, 1, 2013 to Oct, 4, 2013
Location: Montreal, CANADA
Type: Congress, Course, Workshop
Registration Cost: From 100 to 600 USD
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Weather Info (monthly averages) Max Temperature: C / F Min Temperature: C / F The above data in our Weather Info table are temperature predictions for the date of the medical event for MONTREAL, Canada.
General Info
Event Venue:

Palais des congrès de Montréal (Montreal Convention Centre) #

Since it opened in 1983, the Palais des congrès de Montréal has built a reputation for excellence spanning the globe. After more than 5 500 events and 15 million visitors, we can safely say that we have developed an unparalleled level of expertise in the industry. Each event is relentlessly planned, coordinated and monitored. During the event itself, dozens of professionals are assigned to handling every detail, looking after the comfort and satisfaction of visitors, and anticipating the unexpected. Our team gets passionate about the events we host at the Palais, and is driven to ensure a successful outcome every time. Located in Montréal’s downtown core, the Palais is a safe and bustling venue. A hub of activity straddling the city’s business centre, international district, Old Montréal and Chinatown, it is near Montréal’s main attractions, and also less than ten minutes from 15 000 hotel rooms, 4 500 of which are directly linked to the Palais via the underground pedestrian network. Inside, the Palais is trendy, generously lit, and welcoming. The venue is ultra-functional and capable of handling events of every size. The customer service is incomparable. Hence why more and more event planners and promoters are holding their national and international events at the Palais! - See more at:
Visit the Venue to read more
Event Overview
Welcome message:

Join us at the Palais des congres in Montreal for WPC 2013!

The third World Parkinson Congress, to be held from October 1 - 4, 2013 is just 7 months away! Join us in Montreal at the Palais des congres (convention center) to hear about cutting edge research and care models all while raising awareness about Parkinson's and increasing the quality of life of people living with the disease. 

WPC 2013 Faculty


Antoine Adamantidis (CANADA) 

Roy Alcalay (USA)

Angelo  Antonini (ITALY)

Roger Barker (UK)

Maria Barretto (INDIA)

Christelle Baunez (FRANCE)

Abdelhamid Benazzouz (FRANCE)

Bonnie Bereskin (CANADA)

Daniela Berg (GERMANY)

Erwan Bezard (FRANCE)

Kailash Bhatia (UNITED KINGDOM)

Anders Björklund (SWEDEN)

Pierre Blanchet (CANADA)

Bastiaan Bloem (NETHERLANDS)

Nicolaas Bohnen (USA)

Nathalie Bolduc (CANADA)

Antonello Bonci (USA)

Elaine Book (CANADA)

Scott Brady (USA)

Susan Bressman (USA)

Gila Bronner (ISRAEL)

David Brooks (UK)

Patrik Brundin   (USA)

David Burn (UK)

Jean Burns (USA)

Paolo Calabresi (ITALY)

Fulvio Capitanio (SPAIN)

Angela Cenci (SWEDEN)

Sreeganga Chandra (USA)

Ray Chaudhuri (UK)

Marie-Francoise Chesselet (USA)

Sylvain Chouinard (CANADA)

Charleen Chu (USA)

Rich Clifford (USA)

Timothy J. Collier (USA)

Amy Comstock Rick (USA)

Diane Cook (USA)

Diane Côté (CANADA)

Sharon Daborn  (AUSTRALIA)

Alain Dagher (CANADA)

Peter Davison (CANADA)

Ted Dawson (USA)

Dave deBronkhart (USA)

Steve DeWitte (USA)

Dennis  Dickson (USA)

Nico Diederich (LUXEMBOURG) 


Alessandro DiRocco (USA)

Roseanne Dobkin (USA)

Nicolas  Dupré (CANADA)

Gammon Earhart (USA)

David Eidelberg (USA)

Robin Elliott (USA)

Terry Ellis (USA)

Stewart Factor (USA)

Stanley Fahn (USA)

Matthew Farrer (CANADA)

Howard Federoff (USA)

Gilles Fenelon (FRANCE) 


Hubert Fernandez (USA)

Joaquim Ferreira  (PORTUGAL)

Maura Fisher (CANADA)

Peter Fletcher (UK)

Alex Flynn (UK)

Edward Fon (CANADA)

Blair Ford (USA)

Susan Fox (CANADA)

Karl Friedl (USA)


Joseph  Friedman (USA)

Steven  Frucht   (USA)

Thomas Gasser  (GERMANY)

Oscar Gershanik (ARGENTINA)

Nir Giladi (ISRAEL)

Monique Giroux (USA)

Christopher Goetz (USA)

Baltazar Gomez-Mancilla (SWITZERLAND)

Victoria Goodwin (UK)

Joyce Gordon (CANADA)

Mariella Graziano (LUXEMBOURG)

Mark Guttman (CANADA)

Ruth Hagestuen (USA)

Claire Henchcliffe (USA)

Etienne Hirsch (France)

Fay Horak (USA)

Rivka Inzelberg (ISRAEL)

Tom Isaacs (UK)

David Iverson (USA)

Joseph Jankovic (USA)

Beom S. Jeon (SOUTH KOREA)

Ryuji Kaji (JAPAN)

Kenichi Kashihara (JAPAN)   



Regina Katzenschlager (AUSTRIA)


Christine Klein (GERMANY)

Benzi Kluger (USA)

Jeffrey Kordower (USA)

Andreas Kottmann (USA)

Dimitri  Krainc (USA)

Anatol Kreitzer (USA)

Bob Kuhn (CANADA)

Lucie Lachance  (CANADA)

Anne-Louise Lafontaine (CANADA)

Anthony Lang (CANADA)

Virginia Lee (USA)

Christiane Lepage (CANADA)

David Leventhal (USA)

Irene Litvan (USA)

John Loike (USA)

Andres Lozano (CANADA)

David Lussier (CANADA)

Margarita Makoutonina (AUSTRALIA)

Lisa Mann (USA)

Connie Marras (Canada) 


Laura Marsh (USA)

Soania Mathur (CANADA)

Heidi McBride (CANADA)

Patrick McGowan (CANADA)

Claire Meunier (USA)

Janis Miyasaki (CANADA)

Linda Morgan (USA)

Elena Moro (CANADA)

Meg Morris (AUSTRALIA)

Margaret Mullarney (IRELAND)

Marten Munneke (NETHERLANDS)

Alice Nieuwboer (BELGIUM)

Jose Obeso (SPAIN)

Michael Okun (USA)

Warren Olanow (USA)

Michel Panisset (CANADA)

Malin Parmar (SWEDEN)

Nicola Pavese (UK)

Haydeh Payami (USA)

Leonard Petrucelli (USA)

Ronald  Pfeiffer (USA)

Ingrid Philippens (NETHERLANDS)

Barbara Picconi  (ITALY)

Ron Postuma (CANADA)

Serge Przedborski (USA)

Pam Quinn (USA)

Remi Quirion (CANADA)

Paul Rabstyzn (NETHERLANDS)

Lorraine Ramig  (USA)

Olivier Rascol (FRANCE)

Bernard Ravina  (USA)

Sara Riggare (SWEDEN)

Angela Robb (USA)

Angie Roberts-South (CANADA)

Israel Robledo (USA)

Lynn Rochester (UK)


Joanabbey Sack (Canada) 

Cristina Sampaio (USA)

Pablo Sardi (USA)

Anthony Schapira (UK)

Michael Schlossmacher (CANADA)

Luca Scorrano (SWITZERLAND)

Beth-Anne Seiber (USA)

Klaus Seppi (AUSTRIA)

Kapil Sethi (USA)

Todd Sherer (USA)

Andrew Singleton (USA)

David Simmonds (CANADA)

Maria Spillantini (UK)

Simone Spuler (GERMANY)

Jon Stamford (UK)

David Standaert (USA)

Leonidas Stephanis (GREECE)

Fabrizio Stocchi  (ITALY)

Jon Stoessl (CANADA)

Antonio Strafella (CANADA)

Oksana Suchowersky (CANADA)

Carolyn Sue (AUSTRALIA)

James Surmeier (USA)


Alice Templin (CANADA)

Cathi Thomas (USA)

Veronica Todaro (USA)

Eduardo Tolosa (SPAIN)

Ryan Tripp (CANADA)

Alexander Troster (USA)

Miquel Vila (SPAIN)

Cheryl Waters (USA)

Courses / Workshops within the event

Pre-congress Courses

Pre-congress sessions will be day-long courses for those interested in specific topics. There is no additional cost to attend these sessions, but it will be required to reserve a spot to secure a seat.  Download full list of pre-congress sessions.


Pre-congress Session I:   Fundamentals of PD

Pre-congress Session II:  Interdisciplinary Care & Parkinson's Disease

Pre-congress Session III: Science & Advocacy





Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Pre-congress Session I : Fundamentals of PD

Target Audience: 
Non-clinicians, people with Parkinson’s, others


Goal: Expose participants to key topics that will be elaborated on in the program. Give them a glimpse of what is to come and tools to get the most out of the meeting. Introduce the role of PwPs into the meeting design and success as well as the legacy of the WPC.


Learning objectives:

  1. To gain a basic understanding of Parkinson’s, including the research into the cause(s) of the disease, symptoms, and therapies;
  2. To learn the spectrum of care and rehabilitation options once diagnosed with Parkinson’s;
  3. To understand future therapies for Parkinson’s.






9:15AM  Introduction                                                                  Tom Isaacs (UK)


9:30AM  What is PD?                                                                  Stanley Fahn (USA)


9:45AM  Pathology of PD                                                           Dennis Dickson (USA)


10:00AM What causes PD?                                                      Marie-Francoise Chesselet (USA)


10:15AM Q & A Panel                                                                Facilitator: David Iverson (USA)




11:00AM Non-motor features                                                    Ronald Pfeiffer (USA)


11:15AM Medical therapy                                                         Christopher Goetz (USA)


11:30AM Surgical therapy                                                         Andres Lozano (Canada)


11:45AM Q & A Panel                                                                Facilitator: David Iverson (USA)




1:15PM  What you can do after you are diagnosed to stay involved       Peter Davison (Canada)


1:30PM Therapeutic options to stay active and involved

  • Speech and Parkinson’s                                                Bonnie Bereskin (Canada)
  • Physical therapy and Parkinson’s                                Terry Ellis (USA)
  • Occupational therapy and Parkinson’s                        Margarita Makoutonina (Australia)


2:15PM Q & A Panel                                                                 Facilitator: Linda Morgan (USA)




3:00PM Future therapies

  • Stem cells                                                                      Patrik Brundin (USA)
  • Viral vectors and gene therapy                                 Jeffrey Kordower (USA)
  • Drug treatments                                                           Olivier Rascol (France)

3:50PM Q & A Panel                                                                 Facilitator: Linda Morgan (USA)


3:55PM Getting the most out of the WPC 2013                    Bob Kuhn (Canada)


4:05 PM Wrap-up                                                                     Bob Kuhn (Canada) & Stanley Fahn (USA) 



Pre-congress Session II : Interdisciplinary Care & Parkinson’s Disease

Target Audience: 
Allied health professionals, members of multidisciplinary teams, health professionals interested in interdisciplinary care models


Goal: The aim of this pre-congress course is to provide a forum for discussion of service delivery models in PD. Current model types will be presented for the purpose of discussion and will be referenced to a template of current service delivery components. The ideal model should focus on the complexity of PD, the need to provide continuity of care and be able to deal with the cumulative morbidities associated with a chronic illness.


Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the complexity of PD and its underlying pathological basis;
  2. Be aware of the wide variety of factors that need to be considered in providing comprehensive and continuous care;
  3. Be able to advise on the development, modification or redesign of a service model for PD taking into consideration the organizational infrastructure of the delegate’s institution.

9:00AM Introduction                                                                    Anne-Louise Lafontaine (Canada)


9:10AM What do we face?                                                          Bastiaan Bloem (Netherlands)

9:40AM How is it addressed? & Overview
of available delivery options & models currently in use              Ruth Hagestuen (USA)


10:10AM What this all means for people with Parkinson’s         Alice Templin (Canada)




11:00AM    Introduction                                                          Mark Guttman (Canada) 



The role of the Multidisciplinary Team: Evidence that shows
it is working and what UNIQUE contribution these people make to the team.



11:20AM General practitioner’s role                                      Christiane Lepage (Canada)

11:40AM Geriatrician’s role                                                     Peter Fletcher (UK)

12:00PM Nurse’s role                                                               Lucie Lachance (Canada)

12:20PM Rehabilitation team’s role                                          Meg Morris (Australia)


12:40PM - 1:10PM  Q&A                                                        Facilitator: Mark Guttman (Canada)

1:10PM – 2:10PM LUNCH


2:10PM PANEL - Multidisciplinary teams                                Introduction: Ruth Hagestuen (USA)
How are these approaches and models different? 
What strengths do they offer or weakness do they create? 
How do each of these models solve the problem of an individualized approach to care? Or do they? 
[20 minute talk + Q&A immediately following each talk]

  • 2:15PM Israeli Model - Tel Aviv                                                     Nir Giladi (Israel)
  • 2:45PM Netherlands Model – ParkinsonNet                                  Marten Munneke (Netherlands)
  • 3:15PM US Model - Struthers Center                                            Ruth Hagestuen (USA)
  • 3:45PM Australian Model                                                               Meg Morris (Australia) 
  • 4:15PM Canadian Model - McGill Movement Disorders Clinic    Anne-Louise Lafontaine (Canada)





4:45PM - 5:10PM Q&A from all panelists & audience         Bastiaan Bloem, (Netherlands) & Peter Fletcher (UK)


5:10PM - 5:30PM Wrap-up                                                     Alice Templin (Canada) & Nir Giladi (Israel)




Pre-congress Session III : Science & Advocacy

Target Audience: 
These will be crosstalk sessions appropriate for a mix of the community, including clinicians, researchers, people with Parkinson’s and others.


Goal: Expose participants to unique research being carried out, advocacy programs being run and others issues related to advancing the understanding of Parkinson’s science and increasing involvement of people living with Parkinson’s in the process.

Learning objectives:

  1. To gain a more elaborate understanding of specific research being done to advance the understanding of Parkinson’s;
  2. To learn about the ongoing efforts of community members to advance advocacy and engage more people with Parkinson’s in the clinical trial process;
  3. To understand future therapies for Parkinson’s.




Individual sessions are currently being designed and scheduled. More details to follow.

Sessions to be offered by:

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

                Teva Neuroscience


Social Program
Registration Not yet available Register Now

The WPC 2013 online hotel reservation is now open for individual bookings. Note that October is a busy month in Montréal so we encourage you to make your reservation early.


Hotel room blocks in various price categories have been reserved for the Congress delegates.


Rooms must be booked through this online system in order to benefit from the discounted rates.


All hotels are within walking distance of the Montréal Palais des congrès (Convention Center). For your planning purposes, hotels in our room blocks are listed below, along with room price and website.  





To make a group reservation of more than 10 rooms, please fill out this form and email to or fax to (514) 287-1278.

For all WPC housing questions, please contact the WPC Housing Bureau.
Phone: (514) 287-9898
Fax: (514) 287-1248
Scientific Content Up to Date
Scientific Program:
Submission Info
Abstract Submission & Guidelines





The World Parkinson Congress 2013 welcomes the submission of original abstracts for presentation during the 3rd World Parkinson Congress (WPC 2013) in Montreal, Canada from October 1 to 4, 2013. 

The WPC expects that all abstracts selected for poster display will be presented by the original author(s) and that no submitted abstracts will be withdrawn. Please do not submit an abstract if you are not prepared to travel to the Congress to present your research. Congress registration is required to present.

"Hot Topics” Presentations 
Twelve (12) scientific abstracts will be selected for "Hot Topics” oral presentations at a special daily "Hot Topics” session held each morning in the main plenary hall. The abstracts selected will feature newsworthy and cutting-edge information, research about Parkinson's disease and best care delivery. If you would like your abstract to be considered as a "Hot Topic”, please check the appropriate box on the online submission form. The person who submits the abstract will be the person invited to present the oral talk. 

Poster Tours
A select number of posters in both categories will be invited to be part of the poster tours to take place on the evenings of Wednesday, October 2 and Thursday, October 3. The abstracts selected will feature newsworthy and cutting-edge information about Parkinson’s disease. If you would like your abstract to be considered for a "Poster Tour”, please check the appropriate box on the online submission form. The person who submits the abstract will be the person invited to present during the poster tour.



Scientific Abstracts 
Scientific abstracts will be accepted in 38 different topics of basic and clinical science as well as clinical therapeutics and comprehensive care. (See all 38 categories below). 

Living with Parkinson's Abstracts 
Living with Parkinson’s abstracts will be accepted in five different topics. Living with Parkinson's abstracts should highlight and share details of programs and projects being designed and implemented that help people with Parkinson’s disease and caregivers to take charge of their situation and bring about change on a local, regional, or national level. These can be projects done by individuals, groups, or organizations. (See all five categories below). NOTE: Personal stories will not be accepted as abstracts. Personal stories are recommended as submissions for the WPC 2013 Video Competition

Abstracts Presented at Other Meetings 
Abstracts that have been presented at other meetings may be submitted if they have not been published and if the meeting name and date are cited accordingly. Please note: Abstracts that have been published previously cannot be accepted with the exception of abstracts submitted to the PSG Annual Meeting that will come out in the Movement Disorders Journal.

Scientific abstracts are open to everyone involved in research related to the field of Parkinson's disease. Living with Parkinson's abstracts are open to everyone involved in education and advocacy related to the field of Parkinson's. 

Original Submissions 
All abstract submissions must be original research. Previously published papers may not be submitted for consideration. By submitting your abstract, you affirm that your abstract is your own, either individually, or of the group. Should the software detect plagiarism, the abstract will be rejected.

Submission Fee 
There is no fee for submitting an abstract. 

Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English. 

Review Process 
The WPC committee members will review all abstracts in April and May 2013. Authors are required to: 

Step 1: Choose a topics under ONE of the three scientific categories (basic science, clinical science, care delivery & quality of life) OR in the living with Parkinson's category

The 38 topics for scientific poster abstracts are: 

Basic Science

Clinical Sciences

Care Delivery & Quality of Life

1. Etiology, genetics, epidemiology, and toxicants

1. Symptoms, signs, features, & non-motor manifestations

1. Caregiving, relationships, respite care, families

2. Cell death, neuroprotection and trophic factors

2. Progression & Prognosis


2. Fitness, wellness, nutrition

3. Protein misfolding and handling

3. Behavioral Disorders

3. Alternative & complementary therapies / Creativity

4. Mitochondria, oxid. stress, inflammation, pathogen

4. Cognition/ Mood/ Memory

4. Lay/ Professional health literacy & Public thought

5. Pathology

5. Sleep Disorders/ Fatigue

5. Disability and quality of life outcome measures

6. Animal and cellular models of Parkinsonisms

6. Diagnosis (differential, accuracy)

6. Shared decision-making:  PwP - caregiver - doctor

7. Brain physiology and circuitry

7. Co-morbidities

7. Palliative Care / End of Life Care/ Long-term care

8. Dopamine, receptors and other neurotransmitters

8. Biomarkers and neuroimaging

8. Health accessibility / Underserved populations

9. Neuropharmacology

9. Pharmacology therapy

9. Sexuality & Intimacy

10. Electrophysiology & functional imaging, optogenetics

10. Surgical therapy, including cell and gene therapy

10. Daily life activities including working & driving 

11. Prevention, neuroprotection neuroplasticity

11. Rehabilitation sciences (PT, OT, SLP)

11. Self-management, empowerment, coping strategies


12. Complications of therapies

12. Pharmacist, social worker & nonprofit team members

  13. Clinical trials: design, outcomes, recruiting, etc.  
  14. Rating Scales  
  15. E-health and technology  

The five topics for the Living with Parkinson's poster abstracts are: 

Public Education or Awareness Programs


For example, posters might showcase activities to raise the profile of Parkinson's in your local community or to draw public attention to various aspects of Parkinson's disease, such as stigma of having Parkinson’s, having young onset Parkinson’s or Joint programs/initiatives between PD-related and community organization to build capacity. 

Government Advocacy/Campaigns/ Public Policy

For example, posters might highlight campaigns to increase public funding for Parkinson's research or to reduce the cost of access to medication.

Living Well with PD

Posters could relate to different aspects of living well – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. For example, posters might emphasize the benefits of exercise or dance for people living with Parkinson's or the importance of diet and nutrition.

Advancing research: fundraising, trials, campaigns 

For example, campaigns to achieve more involvement in research for people with Parkinson’s or activities linked to specific potential of medications that engage and involve PwPs.


If it doesn't fit above, please submit under ‘Other'


The Review Committee will be directed to reject abstracts for the following reasons: 
-Subject unrelated to Parkinson's 
-Does not meet basic requirements

WPC only accepts original work. By submitting your abstract, you affirm that your abstract is your own, either individually or of the group. Should plagiarism be detected by the software, the abstract will be rejected. 

All abstracts accepted will be published in an online scientific journal supplement via 'Journal of Parkinson's Disease' published by IOS Press and will be included in the Abstract CD given out to delegates onsite. Please note: Abstracts that have been published previously cannot be accepted with the exception of abstracts submitted to the PSG Annual Meeting that will come out in the Movement Disorders Journal.

Abstract Presentation 
All abstracts will be considered for poster presentation during designated times of the WPC 2013. Designated poster sessions allow the review of a poster illustration of your abstract. 

Each abstract selected for "Hot Topics” will be presented both as a poster during the normally scheduled poster sessions and as an oral presentation in one of the plenary sessions. Abstracts chosen for Poster Tours will be presented both in one of the daily poster sessions as well as one of the special evening time slots on either Wednesday, October 2 or Thursday, October 3.

Internet Submission 
The only means of submission is via the Internet, through the official WPC 2013 abstract site. Abstracts must be received by 11:59PM EDT (US) on Monday, April 15, 2013. 

Note: The person submitting the abstract must also be the presenting author.

Abstract Length, Tables and Figures
Abstracts should be no longer than approximately 300 words and use regular Times New Roman,Font size 12. You will be responsible for ensuring it does not surpass the 300 word limit. If it does, you will be asked to resubmit. Tables and figures, in black and white, may be included within the abstract. Authors must follow the official WPC 2013 abstract template, including font sizes, styles, formatting and page layout shown in the template.

(Click here for abstract template.)



Abstract Template


Title (enter title in sentence case, with a capital letter on the first word and any proper nouns only, using bold, Times New Roman text, 12 point)


Author Name1, Author Name2 (enter all author names (First Name Last Name) on the same line, in italics, Time New Roman text, 12 point, separated by comma)


1Affiliation (enter author affiliation here, in regular, Times New Roman text, 12 point)

2Affiliation (enter author affiliation here, in regular, Times New Roman text, 12 point)


NOTES: Abstract (enter abstract in regular, Times New Roman text, 12 point, single lines). 
Abstract length should not be longer than 300 words.
When appropriate, please use the Objective, Methods, Results subtitles. Omit these when not appropriate.
Keep paragraphs together. Do not separate with blank lines.

If reference are included, show after results, with title References (in bold).

(Click here for abstract template.) 





Notification and Abstract Questions
Presenting authors will be notified via e-mail of abstract acceptance by Monday, June 3, 2013. If you have not received notification by this date or if you have questions regarding the submission process, please contact: 

WPC 2013 Abstract Coordinator 
Tel: +1 514-287-9898, Extension 300
Fax: +1 514-287-1248

Congress Registration
All presenting authors of accepted abstracts will be required to complete congress registration by Friday, June 14, 2013 in order to have your abstract included in the online journal supplement and in the CD of abstracts. If the lead author is not registered by this deadline, your abstract will be withdrawn from the congress program.


The submission page can be found by clicking HERE


Important Dates


 Call for Abstracts opens  December 3, 2012
 Deadline for abstract submission  April 15, 2013 @ 11:59PM EDT (USA)
 Abstracts reviewed  April - May 2013
 Deadline for travel grant applications  April 18, 2013
 Notice of acceptance sent  June 3, 2013
 Deadline for accepted presenters to register  June 14, 2013
  Abstract presentation schedule confirmed July 31, 2013
 Congress opens  October 1, 2013
Sponsors Exhibitors
General Info
Sponsor Opportunities
Support a unique event for the Parkinson's community by sponsoring the 3rd World Parkinson Congress. The WPC 2013 is an international, interdisciplinary forum showcasing the latest developments in the world of Parkinson's. The Congress brings together scientists, clinicians, people with Parkinson's disease, care partners, allied health professionals and others who are dedicated to learning more about Parkinson's and expediting the research to find a cure. 

Sponsorship opportunities for the WPC 2013 will be available for viewing and downloading on Monday, March 19. 

The WPC 2013 Floorplan is available here for download.
The WPC 2013 Prospectus is available here for download.
The WPC 2013 Booking Form is available here for download.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity, that happens only once every three years, for your company to reach out to a very specific and targeted audience. All inquiries regarding support opportunities, including customized support packages, should be directed to:

Marie Lou Coupal, CMP
 - Congress Secretariat
1555 Peel Street, Suite 500
Montreal, QC H3A 3L8 Canada
Tel: +1.514.287.9898, ext. 225 | Fax: +1.514.287.1248

Exhibit Opportunities

Take part in a unique event for the Parkinson's community by exhibiting at the 3rd World Parkinson Congress in 2013.
The WPC is an international, interdisciplinary forum showcasing the latest developments in the world of Parkinson's disease. The Congress brings together scientists, clinicians, patients, care partners, allied health professionals and others who are dedicated to learning more about Parkinson's and expediting the research to find a cure. 

Exhibiting opportunities for the WPC 2013 will be available for viewing and downloading shortly. 

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity for your company to reach out to a very specific audience which will come together for the third time in 2013. 

The WPC 2013 Floorplan is available here.
The WPC 2013 Prospectus is available here.
The WPC 2013 Booking Form is available here.

All inquiries regarding sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, including customized sponsorship packages, should be directed to:

Marie Lou Coupal, CMP
 - Congress Secretariat
1555 Peel Street, Suite 500
Montreal, QC H3A 3L8 Canada
Tel: +1.514.287.9898, ext. 225 | Fax: +1.514.287.1248

Sponsors / Supporters
WPC 2013 Sponsors
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Glasgow City Marketing Bureau

Robert J. Gardino, MBA

Robert Kuhn, JD

Ceregene, Inc.
Exhibition Floor plans
Organising Agency

1359 Broadway, Suite 1509
New York, NY 10018 USA
800.457.6676 | EIN# 57-1206493

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