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Estoril Congress Center #


Boasting a privileged location, the Estoril Congress Center is the ideal venue for all types of corporate, institutional, cultural and social events. It is the only venue in Portugal with EarthCheck’s Green Venue certification.

It was designed to be widely flexible, with different means of use and state-of-the-art technology. The Estoril Congress Center is suitable to host all types of event and several activities simultaneously.

An experienced team offers advisory services and assists clients, standing by them from the event design right up to the end of the de-rigging operations.

All the services listed below are also available at the Estoril Congress Center with the support of specialised teams that have been hand-picked in order to ensure efficiency and professionalism at all times:

– Parking

– Security

– Cleaning services

– IT services

Our partner has worked at the Estoril Congress Center for a long time and has the know-how to implement and monitor all the solutions suited to producing and implementing your event. The staff undergo constant training and development, keeping up with the latest in cutting edge technology.


Every event carries with it environmental implications. It consumes energy, generates waste and atmospheric emissions, such as Greenhouse Gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.

One of the ways of reducing an event’s environmental impact is to organise a green event.

Many of us have already had to organise an event: arrange the program and agenda, invite the guest speakers and participants, choose the venue, deal with the catering and audiovisual services.

When faced with time and budget restrictions, you may think that turning your event into a green one will be complicated and with limited benefits. But the truth is actually a whole lot simpler! A green event does so much more than simply helping the environment: it has an economic and social impact, is a good PR strategy and will allow others to learn from the good example you set.


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