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Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University #

Washington, USA


Founded in 1864, Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University still occupies its original campus of Victorian brick and ancient trees, and is listed in the Register of Historic Places. Venerable it may be, but Gallaudet’s roots are revolutionary, with its early

introduction of sign language during an age when educating the deaf in this country employed only an oral approach. Clear and effective communication was the goal, and that tradition continues today.

If you were to name one hallmark of communication that inspires people for all time, perhaps it would be the Gettysburg Address. How fitting. It was through the patronage and support of none other than Abraham Lincoln that Gallaudet University came into existence.

Although many people, both prominent and little known, have contributed to the reality of Gallaudet, it was truly born in the heart of one man, Edward Miner Gallaudet, who fulfilled his lifelong pursuit of educating the deaf.

History repeats itself. Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Center opened in 1995 based on the emerging new concept of barrier free communication. What better site for promoting the interchange of ideas among all people than at the historic university for the deaf and hard of hearing, Gallaudet University.

As the official Gallaudet University hotel, Kellogg Conference Hotel continues this proud tradition and sets new standards in accessibility with obstacles and incoveniences eliminated at every turn. The meeting rooms are spacious and well-lit, and include a tiered classroom, video conferencing auditorium and a multimedia executive boardroom. Technology is at your service with capabilities for real-time captioning and wireless amplification. Also, the auditorium and ballroom are equipped with translation booths. Our affiliation with the International Association of Conference Centers assures you of many important qualities including dedicated and flexible meeting space, extensive state-of-the-art support, and convenient, conference-style dining.

The details matter. Our conference coordinators, chefs and staff members are always ready to assist in making your stay pleasant.


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