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Milad Tower Conference Center #


Tehran Milad Tower Company began its operational function with the aim of exploitation of Milad tower complex in 2007. The company benefits from experienced and efficient management and expert staff in various fields.
Tehran Milad Tower Company was established in metropolis Tehran with the aim of exploitation of Milad Tower and enjoys the capability of offering outstanding and sustainable services in line with national objectives. This complex as an international communication center includes Milad Tower, conferences center, 5-star hotel and international trade center. At this time, this company, representing Tehran Municipality, has the mission to exploit the milestone of the history of Islamic and Iranian architecture. This complex invites all dear Iranian people, domestic and foreign tourists to visit this complex and exploit the experiences and academic abilities in giving services and having a memorable and happy day.

The Milad Tower Conference Center provides the means and professional staff to host festivals , conferences, seminars , concerts, exhibitions and workshops .

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